4 Ways to Avoid Eye Strain

When you are studying, time can pass by without being aware of it. We can become immersed in a subject of great interest. That is one of the pleasures of learning, as we all know.

Have you ever felt as if your eyes were burning or aching after a study session? Perhaps you have an important assignment to complete by the end of the evening – or maybe you just got so carried away that you continued reading into the night?

We know that looking after our eyes is very important. Eyestrain can produce painful headaches and discomfort. There are some tips, however, that can help us to look after that most precious learning tool – eyesight – and save us from pain and tired eyes.

1. Eye Tests. Yes – you guessed this one! But just because it is obvious, that doesn’t mean that you can disregard it. As adults, our eyesight is likely to deteriorate over time, and we need to keep aware of other eye conditions that may affect out ability to see. Go for regular tests, and take advice from your eye specialist. A new eye-glasses prescription can work wonders for the pleasure of study.

2. Light up and magnify your work. Either work in good daylight where that is possible, or invest in a daylight lamp. This is so much better than traditional home lighting. Daylight lamps are designed to reduce eyestrain and allow you to see the details clearly, which is perfect for students who need to see varying font sizes in books and screens.

Now for two great exercises to soothe your eyes:

1. Far Distance Focus. Every few minutes, get up and move away from your workstation. Do some stretches, and make yourself a drink. Sit quietly, and look at four points in the farthest part of the room, or out of a window. Gaze softly, shifting from one point to the next. Avoid jerking your focus from one point to the next one; move your focus slowly and gently for a few minutes. Relax and enjoy these moments.

2. Palming. This is very relaxing. Sit at a table and prop up your elbows on cushions to relax your shoulders. Rub your hands together to warm them. Then place your palms on your cheekbones and put your hands over your eye orbits, placing the pressure on your elbows. This prevents the light from entering your eyes. Open your eyes into the darkness made by your cupped palms over them, and relax. Breathe deeply, and feel the tension go from your eyes.

These exercises are easy to incorporate into study sessions and also for computer use, reading and any other close craft work.

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