5 Reasons to Think About Changing Careers

2015 may still be holding out a few last hurrahs with the holidays approaching but in all the merry making and celebration of the year that has been, it’s time now to spare a thought for the year that will be.  Particularly 2016 and your place in it.   Is now the time to start planning a change for your career?

Today we present a couple of reasons you may want to start thinking about a career change in the coming year:

Taking Control of Your Life.

Careers often provide a reliable source of income, a routine and even an identity around which we can hang our lives.  Perhaps we’re an insurance sales person, we work 9-5 Monday to Friday and earn £17K per annum.   Yet by giving ourselves wholly to this interpretation of who we are we are often at risk of becoming ensnared by our circumstances and lose any control of our lives to the whims and needs of our employer. 

Take steps to change your career is an act of empowerment that helps you break away from the apparent safety of your stable job in favour of something far more fulfilling.


Between the twin perils of automation and outsourcing many people can find themselves at risk of being without a job.  Increasing numbers of roles are being taken over exclusively by machines.  In the near future it is expected that drones will start to make deliveries of goods while driverless cars will provide transport through the cities.  This is but the tip of an iceberg which has seen many jobs slashed in our digital era. 

The good news is that new jobs are often created in other fields.  If you’re in an industry and role which is likely to be targets for cutbacks through robots and other means, it only makes sense to start planning a new career change.

Making Real Use of Your Talents

Often, we don’t learn our true interests and talents until later on in life, far beyond our school days.  Being able to use our strongest skill sets is a huge part of job satisfaction and billions of people throughout the world are effectively misemployed – doing jobs that don’t let them do what they’re best at to pay the bills. 

A career change is a real chance to shine and use our gifts to their full potential. 

Greater Rewards

Mercenary it may seem but higher pay is a powerful incentive for choosing to follow a different career path.  However, rewards aren’t just financial.  Many people prefer to switch to jobs that provide a better work/life balance allowing them to better orientate their lives around things that matter to them, like family and hobbies, rather than giving their all in an endless unyielding rat race.

Fulfilling a Dream

Have you ever dreamed of being your own boss?  Or maybe there’s a job you’ve always wanted to try but never had the chance.  Perhaps there’s a cause you want to dedicate your life to, but in order to do so you need the training and skills to make your project a success?

Whatever your dream is, a career change can be a fantastic stepping stone towards finally realizing your ambitions. 




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