ADL Becomes Accredited Training Partner for Counselling Body.

The Academy for Distance Learning is pleased to announce our new partnership with ACCPH.  Standing for the Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists the ACCPH is an independent professional body and register for counselling professionals in the those fields.  Uniquely the ACCPH as a body serves the needs of professionals who have earned their qualifications through home learning and other distance study programmes by recognizing those members whose training is of approved standards.

What is the ACCPH

The ACCPH is an independent professional body and register for Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists, Hypnotherapists and others who work in similar “talking therapy” roles with patients.  It represents members who hold recognised qualifications in these disciplines that are earned by distance learning.

Membership of the ACCPH requires verification that a practitoner holds the qualifications that they say they do.  This ensures that the general public can go to them with the assurance that they are who they say they are.   This professional recognition is also invaluable in attracting new patients.

Why are ADL partnering up with them?

ADL is always looking to ensure that our courses meet the standards and needs required by practicing professionals in the fields we provide education in.  We have an ongoing relationship with bodies such as the ICB for Bookkeeping and the RHS for horticulture as well as having our college accredited by ASIQUAL to ensure the ongoing quality of our education.

By becoming an accredited training provider with the ACCPH, we continue this tradition of ensuring our courses remain a sound pathway into the professions they train for.  The ACCPH’s membership consists of qualified and trained professional talk-therapists and ensuring our courses meet their standards ensures

What are the Benefits to ADL students?

Thanks to this agreement, ADL students studying our counselling and other qualifying courses gain the confidence that their programme is now recognized by a nationwide body representing people just like them.  Graduates who are completing, or have completed a course with ADL in the past that meet the criteria are eligible to join the ACCPH. 

Membership of a professional body is invaluable in all works of life and for Counsellors, Coaches and their related professions it is no different.  It provides reassurance to your potential clients about your competencies and provides recognition of your developed abilities and skills all of which leads to finding more work. 

ACCPH recognizes those who have completed their qualifications via distance learning.  Some other bodies will often only recognize individuals who have acquired their courses via prohibitively expensive, campus based courses.   This can make it difficult for students and newly qualified graduates to get the recognition they deserve for their training.

As a member of the ACCPH, a student will benefit from membership of a nationally recognized body.  They will also enjoy benefits and discounts for further training, insurance and help and support in their career. 

Lastly, as a multidisciplinary institution one membership allows a member, if qualified, to claim representation for multiple fields.  Are you both a qualified coach and a hypnotherapist?   One membership is all you need.  

How do I Join?

Graduates of select ADL courses are eligible for membership of the ACCPH upon the completion of their qualification.   Details for joining can be found at the website




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