ADL now offers courses on a USB Drive

It’s been a long road for our faithful CD-Burner but the time has finally come and the people have spoken – it’s time for the CD-Burner to make the journey to silicon heaven and for a new standard to take its place.  ADL is now replacing our older CD-ROM course materials with new customized USB sticks for all courses choosing the option going forward!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock since 1997, you probably already know what a USB stick is.  Also known as pen drives and flash drives, these handy little portable pieces of plastic can hold a huge amount of data in an area about the same size as a house key.  Indeed, many USB sticks can be handily attached to a key ring.  USB Sticks are accepted by PC’s, Mac’s, laptops, tablets and even some models of printers and smart phones.

Bigger, Smaller, Better. 

What CD-ROM was to the floppy discs that preceded it, USB is now to CD’s.  At four gigabytes (4 Gb) of space a single USB Stick can comfortably fit as much data as over 5 conventional CD-ROM’s!  (This assuming an average of 700Mb per CD).  On top of this, USB sticks don’t require the special jewel cases or DVD boxes that CD-ROM’s typically use.  Even for a CD in a slim line wallet, a USB requires far less surface space for storage

In addition, CD’s are highly vulnerable to wear and tear over the years.  It doesn’t help that for the duration of their life they are effectively having a laser shot at them.  Coated in plastic cases as they are, USB sticks are far more sturdy and resistant to scratches, drops and other physical damage.  All of which means your ADL course will be more durable than ever!

Available Soon

Our current CD option will shortly be phased out and no more ADL CD-ROMs will be made for our correspondence courses allowing all future students to benefit from our move to the new format. Students who would like to have their course materials resent to them on an ADL stick can put in a request for this though a charge will apply.  




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