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Agriculture (Livestock) 800 Hours Advanced Diploma


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Agriculture (Livestock) 800 Hours Advanced Diploma

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( Nkosinathi , 17/05/2018 ) Q:

Good day, I'm based in South Africa and currently doing my final year in Diploma in Agriculture in Animal production (level 6), so i want to know if your qualification in adv diploma in livestock is credited in South Africa and 2nd Do you guys offer bursaries or any form financial back up thank you.

( 05/06/2018 ) A:

Hello Nkosinathi 

Thank you for your question. Unfortunately it would be impossible to have our courses accredited by every country in the world. Our courses aim to give learners an education that will serve them for life. They will not only present you with information, but also guide you through a series of experiences that will improve your ability to understand, communicate, solve problems and continue expanding your knowledge and skills within your discipline of study. Therefore, by the end of the course, you should have a sound understanding of everything that the course teaches, plus more and a solid foundation from which to build or enhance your career prospects.

We believe that we achieve the correct balance between your qualification being recognised and providing you with the in-depth learning in your chosen discipline, that will empower you to succeed. This is because in the real world, the person who can demonstrate that they have the level of knowledge and transferable skills necessary to an employer, will often be more successful than the one who might be endorsed as meeting minimum standards, but who in fact has only received a superficial understanding of the subject. If your main reason for doing the course is to learn, then where the qualification comes from should be secondary to the quality of learning. 
Wherever you live in the world, knowledge is power and this course will help you acquire the right agricultural knowledge and skills.
Best regards
( Alice pearce, 02/04/2017 ) Q:

Is this course accredited and if so what level is it in the U.K.?

( 03/04/2017 ) A:

Hello Alica and thank you for getting in touch with us.

Our courses are written by industry relevant professionals (not professional course writers) and regularly updated to remain so, which make them attractive to employers and so can give you an edge at an interview, over other applicants. This course has been recently created due to popular demand, along with it's sister course: The Advanced Diploma in Agriculture (Crops).

We are  recognised as a centre by TQUK (Training Qualifications UK - an  Ofqual approved Awarding Organisation). The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) is a non-ministerial government department that regulates qualifications, exams and tests in England. Colloquially and publicly, Ofqual is often referred to as the exam "watchdog". ADL's Approved Centre Number is: 1709318 and in order to maintain our recognised centre status, we are subject to yearly EV (Evaluation Visits) visits to ensure that we conform to, and are meeting the high standards demanded by TQUK, who in turn have to meet the standards of Ofqual. This means that you can be confident that ADL is accepted as a professional academy and so your investment in a course from us will be worthwhile.

In addition to being a recognised centre ADL has had a number of its courses endorsed by TQUK. This means that ADL has demonstrated to TQUK that it has the commitment and capacity to develop quality courses of learning for delivery to learners. It is intended to have all of our courses endorsed as possible and I can confirm that the Advanced Diploma in Agricyulture (Livestock) will be endordsed by the time yoiu complete your studies., Therefore, your Certificates will be issued by TQUK. Potential employers and universities will be able to check TQUK's status on the Ofqual Register, making your qualification from us likely to be recognised by employers and other learning institutions.

The course has been assessed a level 6, when compared to the levels of the FHEQ (Framework for Higher Education Qualifications) and the EQF (European Qualifications Framework). Please note that it is what you will learn that has been compared; not how many hours you do, or how much you pay. 

I hope that this information is useful.

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Agriculture (Livestock) 800 Hours Advanced Diploma

Advanced Diploma in Agriculture (Livestock) course online. This course includes three compulsory units, plus five elective, animal farming specific modules.

The Advanced Diploma in Agriculture is a 900 hour course comprising of 8 x 100 hour Certificate modules and a 100 hour workplace project. Click on each module to view detailed outlines of what you will learn in each module.

The compulsory core modules will give you a solid foundation in Agricultural Marketing Skills, Farm Management and Animal Health. After you have completed the core elements, you will be able to choose 5 modules from a choice of 18 specialised courses, including: Animal Behaviour, Animal Breeding, Aquaculture,  Beef CattleCalf RearingDairy Cattle, Diagnosing Animal Diseases, Equine Behaviour, Goat Farming, Horse Breeding, Horse Care l, ll and lll, Natural Health Care for Animals, Pasture ManagementPoultry,  Pigs, Sheep, and Water Conservation & Management. 

Please Note:  each module is a certificate in its own right, and may be studied separately. Click on each module to see a more in-depth description of what each course will teach you.


Lesson Structure: Advanced Diploma In Agriculture (Livestock) VAG020

There are 8 Modules

Your 3 Compulsory Modules plus Workplace Project are:

1  Agricultural Marketing (BAG304)

  • This course develops your ability to analyse and manage marketing problems in an agricultural enterprise. Topics covered include: market research, management of your marketing, promotions, handling produce, packaging, distribution, customer relations and more. More...
  • Learn successful management of farming business through this Distance Learning Course. Animal rearing and crop production are only part of the picture in successful farming good management skills are also vital. So a team of experts from the UK and Australia were enlisted, under the leadership of renowned horticulturalist John Mason to develop this course. You will learn how to analyse, diagnose and make management decisions related to a farm business. A thorough and comprehensive Online course in farm management. More...


3  Animal Health Care (VAG100)

  • Learn to care for the health of any type of animal and understand the scope of services offered by animal care services, including veterinary practices. This course is appropriate for anyone interested in working with animals on a farm, a wildlife park or a veterinary practice. It is a sound foundation course and designed to cover most of what is found in a typical veterinary assistants course in many countries around the world. The welfare of animals is an essential part of animal husbandry. More...


3  Natural Health Care for Animals (BAG218)

  • Want to care for animal health? Prefer to work naturally? This course is perfect for those who work, or would like to work, in the animal health care field and value a more holistic treatment approach. You will learn about the features and scope of natural therapies which can be used to treat animals and maintain their well-being. This online course will also teach you to recognise common signs of ill health and disease. More....

Plus   Relevant work experience(100 Hrs)*  see Workshops/Workplace Projects  and Research Projects, Industry Meetings and Work Experience  for details.


Then Choose 5 Modules From The 18 Listed Below:

1  Animal Behaviour (BAG203)

  • What makes animals tick? Learn through this Home Study Animal Behaviour course. Understanding your Animals' (pets) Behaviour is the key to a happy relationship. Do they think and learn like humans? How do they adapt to their environment? Which animals have the best social life?! Learn all this and more when you study the psychology behind animal behaviour. Excellent knowledge, useful for working with animals in many situations (farms, zoos, veterinary practices, pet shops or even in the wild!) This online course covers implications for handling and training animals. More....

2 Animal Breeding (BAG301)

  • Become a brilliant breeder! Learn to plan an animal breeding program, incorporating genetic theory, breeding program management and practical aspects of daily husbandry practice. This online course is relevant to all animals, from pets to farm animals and horses to wildlife. You will receive personal guidance from high qualified and experienced scientists and practicioners. More....

3  Aquaculture (BAG211)

  • Develop a capacity to develop and manage freshwater aquaculture enterprises. Aquaculture is the farming of water animals (eg. Fish, crustaceans) for human consumption. This course covers: water (e.g.source, purity, flow, temperature, dissolved oxygen), stocking rates, spawning, checking stock, stripping, fertilization, hatching, growth stages, feeding, harvesting, stocking and more. More...

4  Beef Cattle (BAG206)

  • Develop your abilities to analyse and make decisions about the management requirements of beef cattle. This comprehensive distance learning course covers cattle breeds and breeding, diseases, feeding and nutrition. You will also develop your skills in management (including feed lot and stud herd management), economics and marketing. More...

5  Calf Rearing (BAG207)

  • This course develops your ability to manage the rearing of calves for different agricultural purposes. It covers all aspects of calf rearing including Calf selection; Birth; Calf Diseases; Rearing Systems; Calf Housing, Weaning and Post Weaning. More...

6  Dairy Cattle (BAG205)

  • This is a very practical foundation course; providing unique and extensive support from university qualified and industry experienced experts. If you want to learn about dairy cattle and their management, this is the course for you. More...

7  Diagnosing Animal Diseases BAG219

  • This course is developed to assist animal owners to decide when symptoms could indicate a serious condition, and therefore warrant calling a vet.  The course will help you to recognise a disease and determine an appropriate course of action to initiate in order to obtain a diagnosis. More....

8  Equine Behaviour (BAG216)

  • It is assumed that all animal behaviour is an adaptation designed to support survival, either directly or indirectly. However, this is not always the case. Animals can behave self-destructively, out of habit, or out of boredom, just as humans can. To better understand the behaviour, we should also consider what motivates it. More....

9  Goat Farming (BAG223)

  • Domestic goats are one of the most useful animals to have as they are easy to look after and feed. Therefore, they are very good for farming, as pets, or as pack animals (pack goats).As a domestic farm animal they can be used to produce a variety of products, such as: Diary (milk, butter, yoghurt), Meat, Leather, Wool (fleece goats), Soaps, body and hair care. Goats can also be very useful for the control of weed or grass overgrowth on a property as well as a great source of manure for garden.More....

10 Horse Breeding (BAG307)

  • Breeding is undertaken to improve the quality of animals as well as to increase the number of animals.By selecting (hence controlling) the mother and father of a new foal, a horse breeder can exercise a degree of control over the characteristics of a new animal. Over time, breeding has allowed us to produce animals more suited to specific tasks. More....

11 Horse Care I (BAG102)

  • Develop your knowledge and skills of horse care. This course develops your ability to evaluate and manage horses, including using different handling and grooming procedures, understanding their required diet and evaluating their conformation. You will also learn about commercial applications, including trading horses. A thorough grounding home study course. More...

12 Horse Care II (BAG204) - (Horse Care l recommended to be completed first)

  • Know about caring for horses? Expand your knowledge. Develop your skills in the feeding, stabling, bedding, tacking up, foot care and conditioning of horses. This home study course follows on from Horse Care I, but can be taken as a stand-alone course. Particularly relevant for caring for stabled horses, it also covers aspects of care which are relevant to the horse at grass. More....

13 Horse Care lll BAG302)(Horse Care l and ll recommended to be completed first)

  • Increase your knowledge further! Develop your skills in the feeding, stabling, bedding, tacking up, foot care and conditioning of horses. This online course follows on from Horse Care I, but can be taken as a stand-alone course. Particularly relevant for caring for stabled horses, it also covers aspects of care which are relevant to the horse at grass. More....

    14 Pasture Management (BAG212)

    • Optimise your pasture. Pastures are critical to many types of farming and to both small and large yielding enterprises. Some farmers have been reported to have turned unprofitable farms into commercial successes by simply improving pasture. This online course will give you the skills to evaluate, design and make decisions about the management of pasture for different purposes. More...

    15 Poultry (BAG208)

    • This home study course will teach you to manage poultry on a small or large scale, and for production of eggs, meat or young birds. You will become skilled in all aspects of poultry care and management, including: terminology, breeds, nutrition, disease, layers, broilers, incubation, brooding, record-keeping, economics and marketing. More...

    16 Pigs (BAG209)

    • Gain a great understanding of pig production. Pig production can be highly sophisticated or unsophisticated. This course develops a better understanding of pig biology and production. You will cover and gain skills in a comprehensive range of topics, including: breeding and selection, feeding, diseases, managing the boar, sow and litter, fattening pigs, economics and records. More...

    17 Sheep (BAG210)

    • Equip yourself with a comprehensive knowledge of sheep farming. In this course you will learn a broad range of topics, including: Breeds, Selection and Breeding, Nutrition, Diseases, General Management of a Commercial Flock, Care of the Lamb, Wool and the Marketing of Sheep and Sheep Products. A thorough and practical online course. More...

    18 Water Conservation And Management (BEN302)

    • Develop and learn how to design, implement and assess water management plans and procedures. Understand how water resources,the use and application of water conservation measures in different contexts. Improve your capacity to design, implement and assess water management plans and procedures. This home study course will help you understand why water is the most important resource in order to sustain life. All living organisms need water to survive. This course will teach you how to conserve this precious resource in various situations from the home environment to industry. Lesson cover water conservation at home, in the workplace, water management, conservation in primary production I & II, health, recycling etc. More....

    Work Experience can be satisfied by showing documentary proof of attendance at a combination of seminars, conferences, trade shows and/or meetings.


    What Makes This Diploma Different?

    • It is written and updated by Industry Relevant Professionals and covers what employers are looking for, not unrelated professional course writers keeping to a "minimum " standard.
    • There is a choice of electives not found in similar Diplomas or other institutions of learning.
    • It is more in-depth than can be found at other colleges. You'll learn more and develop skills in helping you further  your business and career goals.
    • Learning and knowledge is the focus of this course  – our belief is that what you learn is what makes the difference.
    • You will get unlimited support throughout your studies from Industry experienced tutors, with relevant qualifications and at least 5 years experience of working in their field.
    • It is respected by Employers because it teaches what they want you to know.


    Why Take This Diploma?
    • As world populations grow, so to does the need for food, meaning once you have completed the Diploma, you will have knowledge and skills that are in global demand.
    • "Knowledge is Power". You will be able to demonstrate a solid understanding of what you have learned to existing and potential employers and how to apply it to the real world.
    • It will help you to stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs. Don't think that employers are only interested in degrees; they're not. Many may view degrees as only teaching the theory, not the transferable skills they are looking for. Our Diploma will teach you those important transferable skills.
    • You can choose the elective modules that will improve your areas of expertise in the subject you believe is in your employers or your best interests.
    • You can study the Diploma at your own pace and complete it around your existing work commitments, meaning that you don't have to take time out to do your continuing professional development (CPD). 


    Course Info
    How Do Our Tuition Fees Compare?
    Course StartBegin your course at anytime.
    Course Prerequisite None - Our course levels are an indication of the depth of learning you should receive. They do not describe the level of difficulty.
    Course Qualification (Study Option A)Endorsed Qualification from TQUK - Training Qualifications UK, an Ofqual Approved Awarding Organisation - Completed written assignments, plus final exam (N.B. Some courses have Final Project alternative).
    Course Qualification (Study Option B)N/A
    Comparative Credits InformationUK Course Credits: 80 - U.S. Credit Hours: 24 - when compared to regulated courses.
    Course Duration and Deadlines800 hours approx. Course hours given are a guide only. Work at your own pace with no assignment deadlines or completion date. You are in control!
    Study SupportPersonal tutor/mentor support from industry relevant professionals throughout your whole course. Mentors are contactable by e-mail, telephone and through the online classroom. They provide assistance with your course material, plus discuss, explain and give advice when needed.
    Suitability for Self Employment and Small BusinessesOur courses are ideal for sole traders and small business owners and their staff. Customer confidence in what you can do will determine how successful you are in getting clients. Completing one or more of our courses for the service you have to offer, will give you the tools to grow your business.
    Recognition of Your Course By EmployersWe aim to achieve the correct balance between your qualification being recognised and providing you with the in-depth learning, to empower you to succeed. Select study option A when enrolling, so an employer can check the status of the awarding organisation for your qualification on the Ofqual Register.
    Recognition of Your Course By UniversitiesPrevious students have used their qualification to get into university. However each one will have its own entrance criteria and acceptance may also depend on your other qualifications and experience.
    Designing Your Own QualificationBundle up your choice of related courses to form your own qualification. Choose from a Diploma (6 courses), Advanced Diploma (8 courses) and Higher Advanced Diploma (12 courses.
    How Can I Enrol?Online via eCommerce, by completing our Online Application Form, or by calling us on +44 (0) 1227 789 649. Lines open 9am till 5pm Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays and between Christmas and New Year.
    How Can I Get a Pro-forma Invoice for my Employer?Contact us with details and we will email your employer an invoice. We will need: employer's name, address, telephone number, email address and contact name. We will also require your name, telephone number, email address, date of birth and the course and code you wish to enrol for.

                           Learn, Progress, Change, Achieve                                                     


    Previous Customer Experiences with our CoursesWoman leaping to the next level in her career development

    "Fantastic Teacher. Well organised modules. Assignments force me to learn and research more so I can prepare well for exams. I really enjoyed studying via ADL.  I can now continue study at Ulster University which accept my certificate from ADL".    Level 4,  Advanced Certificate in Applied Science,  VSC001,  Stanislawa,  Poland.

    Its with great pleasure I am announcing you my new job as 'Park Manager' for a 5 star hotel in Reunion Island.  Its definitely my courses with ADL (Botany, Agronomy and Trees for Rehabilitation) which were decisive for my nomination. Accordingly, my sincere thanks goes to all the ADL team.

    "The course was a valuable learning experience as it provided me with the knowledge and understanding for me as a Careers Advisor. The feedback was very good from my tutor, and allowed me to  build upon my assignments that were marked. The comments were very informative  and very useful. Well written course material."  Andrew W, Careers  Counselling, UK

    More Reviews....


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