Become an Irrigation Expert!

Become an Irrigation Expert! Have a read about the great Career Opportunites.

A career as a professional Irrigation expert would encompass the design and installation of landscape
water systems (sprinkler systems) whether on a small or large scale, for domestic or commercial
purposes. Homes, businesses, golf courses, parks, sports fields and all kinds of landscaping require
water, whether in a hot or cool climate. Water and knowing how to manage it is the key to
ensuring the survival of plants.

Without water and lack of proper knowledge of how much water to apply to plants, is so very
important. Overwatering and underwatering will destroy plants. Knowing how to get the balance right is the key to a successful irrigation system.

Projects such as installing a small domestic sprinkler system in the back garden of a private residence
require a good understanding of how sprinkler systems work and where to locate them for their most
efficient use. Larger projects might include designing and supplying water to an entire field in dry
climates or during periods of high rainfall. Whatever the size of the project, an irrigation expert is
essential to the well-being of plants under their care.

As an irrigation expert, there are various career paths which include, Technical, Foreman and

Duties of Technician would include:

  • Being knowledgeable about sprinkler systems appropriate for the size and climatic conditions of the project.
  • Installation of sprinkler systems, large or small
  • Fixing and solving small sprinkler problems (valves, fix leaks, choose and mend broken
    sprinkler heads) to make them more efficient and to work properly

Supervisor/Foreman duties:

  • Understand how to read job specifications
  • Installation of appropriate sprinkler systems suitably to the task at hand
  • Oversee and Manage work schedules and allocate equipment correctly
  • Manage irrigation crews
  • Be able to estimate irrigation costs and keep client relations positive
  • Maintain safety and time records
  • Quality control
  • Be knowledgeable about how to operate pumps, efficient suction and equipment
  • Keep equipment serviced

Managerial duties:

  • Direct all aspects of the irrigation operations
  • Design, create and manage budgets for the project
  • Determine scheduling timetable
  • Assist in the decision making for recruiting and hiring of appropriate staff
  • Resolve issues and keep clients positive
  • Work in a positive manner with Landscape and Irrigation Designers




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