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3 Great Paths for Self Employment

in Business & Marketing , Lifestyle Education on June 21, 2018 . 0 Comments.

Self-employment is on the rise in the UK. At first, that may sound like terrible news, but if anything, it's never been more popular to set off on your own and make your own living for yourself and becoming your own boss.


So, have you been itching to get away from your 9 to 5 job and desperate to get into your own business? Well there are several industries with lots of opportunities and I've listed some below for you:



man in orange/red jacket taking pictures outdoors

If you have a flair for the written word, video editing, photography, illustration or any other freelance creative field, then you are in a prime position to build a client list. With businesses trying to out-do each other in terms of the content they produce, there is a great need for content creators! It's cheaper for a business to hire a freelancer for projects like blog writing, photo-shoots, filming projects etc. than it is to hire their own professional full time. Our Editing I, Technical Writing and Freelance Writing are here to help you with your content writing success!



pink roses in a basket on grass in a sunny day

There are many busy people with gardens and no time to tend them. Enter the gardener! To those who have lived and breathed city/town life and have no real idea of how to tend to a garden, a gardener is a life-saver. From pruning to hedging to weeding the right plants out of the garden, a gardener can be the difference between a wasteland and a thriving mini ecosystem. If this is something you think you could do for others, then check out our RHS L2 package, Turf Care or Weed Control courses!



teacher writing on a board

With the increase in prices for higher education across the board, a student who embarks on a course is investing a lot of money and time. This means it will be something that they HAVE to get right first time on the first go. If you have a few years of industry experience and a degree of your own, then tuition in your field of expertise may just be what helps boost your earnings. Our courses in Delivering Distance Education and Education Psychology might help you start your journey into freelancing as a tutor.


Of course, if you would like to know more about the practicalities of running a business of your own, then our course in Entrepreneurship and ICB Bookkeeping I may be just what you need to kick start your new business.

Tags: gardening, freelance, self employment, tutoringLast update: April 26, 2019


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