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4 Pieces of Environmental News that Will Make You Smile

in Environmental and Animals Blog, Pet Care on August 23, 2018 . 0 Comments.

Our current news cycle is very loudly pointing out all the ways we are harming our planet. You'd be forgiven for thinking that humanity is making zero effort to turn the tide of the several environmental catastrophes facing us in the future. However, there is good news! And here are four things that are happening that go against the grain of doom and gloom.


China has Hit its Pollution Goals 12 Years Early

chinese flag flying against a blue sky

China is the world's biggest emitter of CO2. With the world's largest populations and huge manufacturing industry, it's no wonder that they'd produce so much. It's become so bad, that even the Chinese are getting sick of their own air pollution. As a result, the Chinese government began to heavily invest in renewable energy sources and technological advances meant that factories have become more efficient to run. They have managed to reduce their CO2 emissions while still growing their economy. There is still a long way to go, but if China can lead the way in reducing their CO2 output, the rest of the world can follow suit.


A Drive for Pet Adoption Meant 2,358 Abandoned Animals Found Homes

adult holdin g a golden retriever, the dog's face faces the camera while the adult is facing away

A T.V. Channel in the U.S.A paired up with 23 local animal shelters for a two-week adoption drive. It saw over 2,000 animals find forever homes. The adoption drive used social media to its fullest positive impact by having shelters post pictures of newly homed animals and their owners with the hashtag #cleartheshelters. This may only be a drop in the ocean, but for each animal that found hope and a home, it's fantastic.


England Sees the Hen Harrier Bird of Prey Have its Biggest Year of Chicks Born in Decades

northern harrier flying

England had a teeming population of Hen Harrier birds, but now there are only a few known breeding pairs left in the wild. Concentrated conservation efforts, which has involved the National Trust, Individual Estates and their keepers and more groups, has meant that a record number of chicks have survived to fly their nests. It's still stormy skies for the Hen Harrier, but it's warming to know that, when the effort is made, wildlife can be preserved.


Barnum's Animal Crackers now Have Show Wild Animals on their Boxes

barnum's animal crackers box

Barnum Animal Crackers used to have caged circus animals on their boxes, implying they were being carted from one performance to the next. But after reaching out to PETA to update its look, the charity responded with a cover that had the same animals roaming free in the wild. Barnum adopted a version of the cover and it is now featured on all their boxes. It represents the cultural shift that has taken place in regards to animal rights and welfare. An audience is more horrified than delighted at the notion of a lion tamer taming its lion.


Tags: animal news, good news, environment, animalsLast update: May 17, 2019


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