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4 Reasons Why You Should Learn Something New

in Education, Study Tips, Motivational & Quotes on October 09, 2017 . 0 Comments.

We can all remember learning facts for school exams. Sometimes we were less than enthusiastic, and memorising information often became a huge struggle - but adult learning takes a different approach. Learning new facts and skills, then putting that newfound knowledge into practice, has many advantages which bring success and help us to become better versions of ourselves. We need to learn in order to gain advantages in our professional lives; we also benefit from learning for our leisure interests. Sometimes, just gaining interesting knowledge is a goal in itself. We are now told by experts that keeping our brains working is very good for us as we reach middle to older age. Sometimes, our learning just hones the previous skills; at other times it introduces you to new, intriguing aspects of life. Here are some important benefits of learning new facts and skills that go beyond the necessary information needed for our working routines.


1. Personal growth and development

Learning new things promotes self-improvement and personal growth. Many happy people claim that personal growth is the key to their positive lifestyle, and there is always something new to learn. When we learn new things, we deepen our understanding of the world and increase our potential to make a difference. Additionally, learning new things will make us confident and increase self-esteem.


2. ‘Knowledge is power’

So said the English writer, Francis Bacon. Perhaps it is better to say that the application of applied knowledge and associated wisdom is power. Knowledge is just information, and we can take the initiative to make this information useful. Applied knowledge can make us broader-minded people, enabling us to see life from different perspectives. We can learn to make better decisions; we have more rational thoughts and we can improve our own lives as well as the lives of others. All these give us freedom to make more informed choices


3. It makes life, and ourselves, more interesting

A person with a rich seam of knowledge is often a good conversationalist with finely tuned interests and skills. Routine existence is habitual and safe, a bit like comfort food that fills us up but is often stodgy and plain. Learning new things and acquiring new skills gives us possibilities of jazzing up our lives. It may be challenging to step out of our comfort zones, but inertia is never exciting. New information can feed our minds, develop critical thinking skills and spark our imaginations. Learning a new subject is one of the best ways of recognising our hidden talents and discovering the real passions of our lives. Once an interesting subject has been identified, there will be eagerness to learn more and more about it.


4. Keeping up with current trends

Learning new subjects helps to keep us tuned in with the current perceptions in this fast changing world. It prevents stagnation of thought and action. This also means that people of different generations can have meaningful and constructive debates on subjects that are mutually interesting on an even playing field.


A desire to learn ignites the interest for further learning. It can make us sharp and intelligent, and once we set our minds to the interest, we become successful and constant learners.


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