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4 Tips for Becoming a Children's Author

in Writing and Journalism on July 26, 2017 . 0 Comments.

If you have ever read a book to a young child, the thought may have passed through your mind that you could write as well as this author. After all, how difficult can writing a book for children be? It's probably harder than you think. We have all been children, and perhaps we think that qualifies us to know what children like. Unfortunately, things change over time, and what we found hilarious, fascinating and irresistible as a child may not resonate with the child of today.


Here are some tips for writing with a young audience in mind:


1. Read lots of up to date children’s books!

This is time well spent. Read any and all books that are popular. Even books that you do like will give you ideas about what sells. This may appear to be obvious, but most successful writers agree that the more you read, the better a writer you can become. The only danger here is that you may just spend so much time reading that you will procrastinate and not get around to the writing. You will not need to read huge quantities of books before you start.


2. Get writing.

A writer needs to write, not just talk about it. For many writers, it is hard to get started - possibly because of an internal critic holding you back. You are not alone here. Lack of time is another challenge to the would-be writer.

The solution is: just write. Every day. Or schedule it several times a week. Look forward to it, rather than dreading the time when you must commit yourself to writing. Practice makes perfect with any task, including writing.

You will not need huge blocks of time. People rarely have this luxury. Write whenever you can catch a moment.

3. Find Fellow Writers.

There are many writing forums on the internet and lots of tips to share. One proviso is that sometimes, it can be tempting to join a ‘look how awful I am’ clique. Stay clear of negativity. Instead get ideas and encouragement from positive people who are generous with their advice. The internet has so many wonderful offerings. As with reading, however, don’t let this research prevent you from actually writing.


4. Learn from Experts.

Courses in writing for childrenand other writing courses - are available via the Academy for Distance Learning. Not only will you as an aspiring writer be able to benefit from high quality advice and experience from a successful and experienced writer, but you will get encouragement and tips from your own personal tutor who will help steer your course towards successful writing. Whether this is to be a career or a hobby, you will enjoy and benefit from the coursework. Why not start writing now?

Tags: children's writing, writing, authors, become an authorLast update: July 28, 2017


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