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5 Gift Ideas for Learners

in Random things of Interest, Study Tips, Writing and Journalism on December 11, 2014 . 0 Comments.

gifts under a christmas tree

You've worked hard this year, overcome many hurdles to get yoursef back into studies and now people are asking you what you'd like for Christmas. Why not ask for a gift that will help you with your studies in one form or another? We've put together a list of gifts for all budgets that would help you with your studies. Consider subtly leaving the web page open when potential gift givers come by!


The portable PC revolution thunders on year on year with every month offering more and more bang for less and less buck.  These thin devices, smaller than books, offer a full range of web utility, productivity and multimedia experiences. But did you know many of our ADL courses are fully compatible with most modern tablets?

There’s a huge market of tablets out there to suit most wallets.  The Apple iPad remains probably the signature one when people think of tablets, but there’s a huge range of different ones running different operating systems such as the Amazon Kindle Fire HD or other manufacturers like Toshiba and Lenovo.  So long as your tablet can open PDF documents, it should be an ideal tool for checking your studies on the go. 

Textbooks and Dictionaries

Textbooks are not necessary for ADL courses, however we do appreciate that many students like to have a hefty tome under their belt as they study. You can purchase text books in eBook format and if you are stuck with what text book to go with for your particular course, then don't forget to ask your tutor! They can make recommendations that you will find useful.

An honourable mention needs to be said for the dictionary – that stalwart reference book that tells people what words actually mean.  Learning happens best when you use multiple methods to do so, so adding the sensation of reading a book and going through it can enhance your ability to comprehend and retain knowledge.  

Dictionaries can easily be obtained either online or in good bookstores anywhere.  Just be careful, especially when buying online as to whether your Dictionary is for British or American English.  Stalwart examples might be the Oxford English dictionary for UK English, and the Merriam Webster dictionaries for the US equivalent. 

Writing or Drawing Pads

Yes, we are in a digital age, but making notes can be a valuable part of the learning process. A writing pad means you have something handy to write in and it's a gift that won't break the bank at less than a fiver. This writer quite likes Moleskine brand notepads if you prefer something more luxurious.

Pens and Pencils

You may have seen a spat of articles about fountain pens and journal writing in our blogs recenlty and that's because we love both here at ADL. At least three office staff own a LAMY Safari fountain pen and use it on a daily basis. It makes an ideal gift for a student because it's relatively inexpensive and will last a long time, appealing to our environmentally friendly ethic. Mechanical Pencils are an excellent choice if you have to do a lot of drawings in your assignments or if you're not that fond of fountain pens.

Water Bottle

With water making up over 50% of the body weight of the average human being, it’s pretty important to stay hydrated at all times.  Becoming dehydrated has proven detriments to focus and memory retention and worst of all, by the time you feel the tell-tale signs of thirst, it’s already too late. There are many types of water bottle you can purchase, but we love this eco-friendly, sleek one from Klean Kanteen. So help your aspiring student stay focused and hydrated,  all the benefit of pure water and none of the drawbacks of Tea, Coffee or sugary drinks with the convenience of not having to leave the desk while they are studying. 


Tags: Writing, ADL, Health, Study TipsLast update: December 07, 2018


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