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A New Garden for a New Year

in Gardening & Horticulture, Lifestyle Education on January 06, 2015 . 0 Comments.

Don't panic! Just look at this soothing image of grass and breath. If your garden is in a sorry, overgrown state or if you just think you can do better why not make 2015 the year to get your garden under control?  Gardening has a huge range of potential benefits to offer that don’t just end with the pride of showing off a well-tended flowerbed or lawn. 

Consider all the digging, bending over and lifting that tending to a garden requires.  Gardening has been recognized as light to moderate exercise depending on what you get up to while outside making it an excellent supplemental activity to meeting your health needs. 

Furthermore, depending on what you grow, you can supplement your food purchases with fresh, home grown produce such as fruits or vegetables.  If you’re feeling adventurous you could even fence off a part of your garden for livestock such as hens.

So if your new resolution for this year involves making something out of your garden, here’s a few suggestions from ADL’s great range of horticulture courses to help you grow your way to a successful 2015.

Home Garden Expert Course

Looking for an all-in-one short course to give you the information and knowledge you need to get started on a cracking garden?  Our Home Garden Expert course is the ideal starting point for your growing ambitions.  Written by renowned Australian gardening expert John Mason, this course is ideal for gardeners world wide aspiring to manage residential gardens of any sort.

Landscaping Home Gardens

If you’re living in the Northern Hemisphere, right now it’s the middle of winter when all the plants in your garden are currently receded, preserving themselves in expectation of the growing season of spring and beyond.  That makes it an ideal time to plan out how you want your garden to look this year and get started and make plans. 

ADL’s Landscaping Home Gardens course is a fantastic short course that will equip you with the know-how to design and build excellent home gardens of any style.  You will learn about:

  • Design and drawing plans for a garden
  • How to build essential landscape features like steps and paths,
  • Weeds and Pest Control
  • How to use garden features best in your garden.
  • And much more!


If designing your garden or landscape appeals to you, why not consider going one step further and learning to do so with Permaculture?  This is a method of land management that seeks to build harmonious, self-sustaining ecosystems where the plants, animals and people living on the land mutually benefit one another. 

Home Vegetable Growing

It can be tough getting good quality produce locally at an affordable price.  If you have space in your garden, why not consider using part of it to grow your own vegetables?  ADL’s Home Vegetable Growing course is a short course ideal for home growers starting out.  You will learn all the essential things you need to know about planting a garden including how to identify vegetables when growing, how to plant, cultivate and harvest them and how to store your produce safely so you can enjoy it for longer.

Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Courses

Perhaps you’ve really gotten bitten by the growing bug and are looking to take a genuine passion for using your green thumb a step further.  In association with the British Royal Horticultural Society, the oldest society of its kind in the world you can take professionally recognized gardening courses accredited by this internationally renowned organization that can open the door to a huge range of careers in gardening and working out-doors. 

We offer a great range of courses from the RHS which can be studied from the comfort of your own home.  See our available courses here.


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