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Alternative Flowers for Valentines

in Gardening & Horticulture on February 11, 2016 . 0 Comments.

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” said the poet Shakespeare.  Sweet as it might be, the rose has become so synonymous with romance and Valentines Day in particular that it might well be seen as boring.  Even worse, the unoriginality of showing up with a bunch of roses in hand might suggest to your paramour that if you put so little thought into your flowers, perhaps you’ll put even less into the relationship.

So, here’s our pick of several of the best alternative flower choices you might choose to give to the object of your desire whether it be for valentines, an anniversary or just to say “I love you and care enough to pick a flower I think suits your character rather than a generic red rose”. 


Tall, graceful and readily available in all sorts of colours including a romantic red, the tulip is readily available from flower stands everywhere.  That makes the tulip an ideal potential replacement if you want a flower that’s a bit different from a rose but not wildly so, or you simply find the florist was out of roses and had to make a choice in a hurry.  


These vibrant flowers come in a huge range of varieties and colours.  Whatever takes the fancy of your affection you can probably find a Chrysanthemum bouquet to match.  They’ve been cultivated for centuries, going as far back as ancient China in 1500 BC. As such, they were tokens of affection long before the rose came on the scene. 


Despite being relatively available across the western world, Orchids still have a connection in the minds of many with the distant east from where they originate.  The many varieties of Orchid can differ wildly in colour and shape.  If your partner or chosen one enjoys something a bit exotic then Orchids can be an excellent choice.


With their large blooms and excellent fragrance lilies are perfect for making a statement.  What that statement is will be largely down to you. But you’ll be pleased to know if you’re considering them that you aren’t just limited to white – growers have ensured that the Lily is available in a multitude of colours!


At first glance, this prickly plant hardly screams romance.  But a second look makes the Cactus the ideal potted friend for the lover with no sense of horticulture.  These hardy desert dwelling plants can go for a while without water – but contrary to common belief they still need it!  Though rain is uncommon in the desert, many Cacti get the water they need from morning dew when the sun comes up.  

All of which makes for an excellent excuse for you to invite yourself round every week to “check if the Cactus is okay”.  And if you should get a chance for other things while you’re there?  Bonus!

Tags: horticulture, valentines dayLast update: September 19, 2017


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