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Bookkeeping Blog

Bookkeeping Blog

Bookkeeping Blog

Ever since the first caveman traded a shiny rock for the second cave man’s banana, money, and where it goes, have been the bedrock of civilization.  Whether you trade in dollars, pounds, rubles or shiny rocks, a decent living can be had for anyone with the skills to follow the money.

For anyone with a head for finance or business, a job as a Bookkeeper can be an excellent undertaking.  Knowing where an organization's money is going and understanding it is an essential skill that all of them, from a single trader just starting out to a global corporation,need. It’s also an important skill for decision makers within a company as...

You seem like a very busy man! How are you finding the time?


I invest time planning! That’s all it is, I plan my life as if it were a project at work. I apply my administrative techniques and use technology to help facilitate activities and procedures.


What does your typical day look like?


My day starts at 4:00 am and finishes at 22:00 pm. Each day has its projects and each project has certain tasks and activities involved. My most important project is my work. I like to think of my work as a type of gym, where I am building my professional skills. My job offers me many challenges and difficulties that I can...

Living and working in three countries, Daniel Koren is a great example of what some of our international students can achieve. Towards the end of his last semester for his B.A. degree in Social Sciences at the Open University, Israel, Daniel studied Financial Management. At ADL he specialised in Hospitality Administration focusing on Hospitality Facilities - Accountancy and Bookkeeping.


Daniel has 20 years of experience in Technical Logistics and Warehousing, working in industrial and commercial firms. For the last five years, he has worked in the International Trade as an Import Administrator. As part of his work, he...

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in Bookkeeping Blog on November 18, 2015 .

Bookkeeping has long been a profession associated with a certain moral flexibility in the popular imagination.  The phrase “Cooking the Books” which implies financial corruption directly references the “books” on which bookkeeping is based.  Specifically it means to lie, distort or otherwise fraudulently misrepresent the financial data of an organization in order to present a false picture of the company’s health. 

Most often this will be done to artificially bolster the share price of a company.  Many executives and business leaders can expect to be substantially rewarded if the organisation thrives under their leadership with bonuses...

Careers in accountancy are far more varied than when looking in on the world and industry.  There are a wide ranging set of training opportunities for business and banking right through to independent practice.

Accountants are needed by every company whether they outsource the services or not. Chartered accountants are not just bookkeepers or taxmen anymore - they are financial specialists who are at the centre of every company. Monitoring cash flow is the life blood of business.

Accounting Employment Opportunitites

Accountants work across all fields of business and finance. Once qualified you could work in the following...

If you run a business then, no matter how big or small, sooner or later you’ll find you need to figure out just how much money you’re making. 

This might be because, quite wisely you want to be informed on where your business stands financially. Or it may simply be because the government wants evidence of your books for tax purposes.  Whatever the reason, sooner or later you’ll need a bookkeeper.

What Bookkeeping Is

At its heart bookkeeping is the keeping of financial records for a business.  This includes all sorts of transactions including payments, receipts, sales and purchases all of which, taken together, can help to build...

If you’re anything like the writer of this piece the ideas of Christmas, and planning, are never found in the same place.  December is a lazy month right up until about December the 24th at 2:53 PM.  At which point, with about two hours left until the shops close, utter pandemonium breaks out as you realize just how much trouble you are in and rush out to the store to desperately attempt to procure last minute gifts for your loved ones. 

Worse still, you will not be able to find any tape to wrap your presents in and will have to resort to sticking your presents together with Pritt-stick or another form of glue – giving clear evidence...


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