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Business & Marketing

Business & Marketing

Business & Marketing Blog

Thoughts and ideas about Web Business, Marketing and operations.

Ever since the first caveman traded a shiny rock for the second cave man’s banana, money, and where it goes, have been the bedrock of civilization.  Whether you trade in dollars, pounds, rubles or shiny rocks, a decent living can be had for anyone with the skills to follow the money.

For anyone with a head for finance or business, a job as a Bookkeeper can be an excellent undertaking.  Knowing where an organization's money is going and understanding it is an essential skill that all of them, from a single trader just starting out to a global corporation,need. It’s also an important skill for decision makers within a company as...

Filling out your C.V. can be a daunting task, especially for someone who has been in the same job for years and hasn't needed up update their C.V. in a while. But fear not, we are here to give you a few tips and links to help you out. To start with:


Make sure your C.V. is made specifically for the job you are applying for

Blanket C.V.s with your entire work/volunteer experience listed in detail are not going to cut it. Each job you apply for should have its own C.V., tailor-made for that job specifically. Read through the job specification you are going for and think about how your past experience meets those points. Then...

You’ve got the best product on the market. Nobody else has anything quite so unique. Not only that but you’ve found a way to deliver it at a great price. One small problem; nobody has any idea you exist. 

Marketing is the art of getting people to buy your stuff or services. It covers everything from active promotions, like advertisements, to observing consumer trends to target goods and services to whatever the current or anticipated preference may be.


Having What It Takes

Every business needs marketing, though who does this and what they are responsible for will vary based on the size of the organisation. Like with...

Self-employment is on the rise in the UK. At first, that may sound like terrible news, but if anything, it's never been more popular to set off on your own and make your own living for yourself and becoming your own boss.


So, have you been itching to get away from your 9 to 5 job and desperate to get into your own business? Well there are several industries with lots of opportunities and I've listed some below for you:



If you have a flair for the written word, video editing, photography, illustration or any other freelance creative field, then you are in a prime position to build a client list. With...

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Amongst the many resolutions being carried out in the new year, one of the most common is to start a new business.  Having wrapped up the festive season the fresh year is an ideal time to start afresh and unleash your budding entrepreneur.  That said, it’s essential before starting a business great or small that you have some idea of what you’re getting into – lack of proper planning is one of the biggest causes of new business failure!

Here’s a list of some of the ADL courses that might be most useful to a business starting up in 2016:

Business PlanningAs the old saying goes, if you fail to plan you plan to fail.  As true in...

If you’re one of the people starting a new business in the new year, you’re not alone – in the UK alone 581,173 new businesses were started in 2014.  We’re not quite sure how many started in 2015, but it was probably a nearly as impressive number.  Regardless, you’re in good company.  Millions of people across the country and the world beyond are taking their futures into their own hands and starting up their own business. 

For many people, one of the earliest decisions to make is the sort of legal position in which to operate as a business.  This varies from business to business but in the UK at least, there are generally three...

As an employer your biggest assets are the people working for you.  They bring skills and talents to your business that you yourself may not have. Even if you do have them, having an extra pair of hands allows your business to do and achieve much more than it could ever do as a single person enterprise. 

Sadly, unlike say printers, employees aren’t usually easily replaceable, nor can they be delivered in 24 hours with Amazon Prime.  Even a fully trained and qualified professional will take a few weeks to properly fit into the new company environment and the more specialized your companies’ way of doing things the longer this will...


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