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E-Commerce Training Courses and Your Success!

in Latest Courses, Business & Marketing on December 12, 2013 . 0 Comments.

The Internet is the great enabler of commerce for our time.  Through the power of the world wide web businesses of all sizes have the potential to reach a global audience and sell to customers from around the world.  But even for those locally focussed businesses, a presence on the Internet and a means to sell your goods and services is fast becoming a necessity.  Search engine listings have replaced phone directories as the primary means for locating a particular product and virtual store fronts are fast replacing physical stores as the preferred locations for millions of shoppers.

Any sensible business needs to adapt to this changing world.  But it’s not as easy as a few mouse clicks, any company looking to get started trading online needs to begin by being properly prepared.  Knowing how to set up a web store is only the first step In getting ready for e-commerce; further thought and planning is needed for how and what payment methods to use, the essentials of contract law and distance selling and, of course, standing out in an increasingly busy online marketplace.

To this end, ADL offers our e-commerce course.  Designed for managers, marketers and business owners the essential information needed to get started is imparted over eight lessons.  Beginning with key essentials, the course explains why your business needs to embrace e-Commerce as well as highlighting the advantages and pitfalls that going online can bring.  The following lessons explore further essential aspects of doing business online such as:

  • What makes a website successful
  • How to make a website visible
  • How to promote a website
  • Site evaluation techniques
  • Payment and goods supply automation
  • And much more

With a projected completion time of one hundred hours, ADL’s e-commerce course benefits from our flexible anytime, anywhere learning methods.  You can study and progress at times that suit you and your tutor by e-mail at any time should you be having difficulty with any part of your course.  And if needed, flexible payment plans can be arranged to pay for your studies, putting the future and your convenience directly into your own hands.

Amazon, E-Bay, Google and others.  It’s been less than twenty years since these companies came out of nowhere to rise to dominate their respective field.  They changed the way we do business.  A decade into the 21st century, isn’t it time you changed the way you did yours?

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