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Eco-Tourism - Making the most of it

in Environmental and Animals Blog on July 29, 2014 . 0 Comments.

Pack an online course on Eco-tourism for your holiday this yearIt's high holiday season and conservation holidays have never been more popular.  Instead of sunning themselves on beaches or lurching ponderously round art galleries, today's adventurous holiday goer often prefers a more hands on vacation experience.  It's no wonder then that eco-tourism is booming. 

For those needing a definition eco-tourism is all about providing an ecologically friendly alternative to the traditional mass tourism.  Where traditional tourism might cram fifty tourists into a polluting bus to all spill out en mass at the Eifel Tower, Eco Tourism might have the tourists kayaking up a river to spend time at a tribal village.

The emphasis is very much on an environmentally friendly alternative that is sustainable in its own right.  The principle attractions become that natural flora and fauna, as well as the cultural heritage of the host culture in the area.  Many environmentalists see Ecotourism as an essential way to help preserve ecologies and native habitats, with tourists providing exposure for their valuable work, as well as the essential money needed to keep any ecological project working and solvent. 

As more and more people around the world become ecologically aware, the eco-tourism field is growing and this means opportunity, both for would be tourists and for those who would like to work in this exciting field.  Whether at home in a natural park or abroad in a big cat sanctuary on the African safari, there is a huge range of possible destinations for the would-be tourist or tour organizer.

But when packing your bags for your trip to foreign and exotic lands (or just the bird sanctuary up the road), why not prepare yourself with a conservation course?  Being so close to fragile eco-systems and the natural world is an ideal circumstance to, not only give yourself the experience of a life time, but a great education as well.  Whether vertebrates, marine animals or something else entirely, with an ADL course you can truly make the most of it. 

Or perhaps take it one step further, and embrace the career of your dreams living and working in some of the most pristine and natural settings on the planet.  Learn to become a tour guide with our Eco-tourism Tour Guide course.  Or learn to organise entire holidays with our Eco-Tour Management course. 

Or if you just want some fun skills to entertain the kids (and possibly help you if you have to bail out of a flaming aircraft over the Australian outback and live off the land as you trek back to civilization) consider our Bushcraft and Wilderness Activities course, a must for anyone thinking of going face to face with nature.

So whether you’re heading into the wild for business or pleasure, make sure you pack an ADL course in your survival kit this holiday. 

Tags: Environmental, Conservation, ADLLast update: September 19, 2017


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