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Get Key Skills for University

in Study Tips on August 13, 2015 . 0 Comments.

Millions of students are preparing to go on with their academic careers and enrol in University level education.  But are you ready for the demands that the next stage of learning will require? 

Higher Education is a huge step-up mentally and methodologically from anything a student will have previously done.  College or Sixth form education is still largely a classroom led affair, with a teacher leading their students through a checklist of things they need to know if they want to pass the exam. 

While students are expected to do some of their own learning, University is a radical departure from what you will have previously experienced.  At degree level, your learning is now entirely in your hands and, while your tutors and lecturers may provide some guidance in the direction of what you need to learn, the whole of the responsibility is now yours.


Getting Ahead of the Pack – Courses for Leaders

The John Rynalds Library

That’s why it’s a great idea to develop some of the key skills you will need for future University success now instead of struggling through later.   Fortunately, ADL has a few short courses that can help prepare you for the challenges you’re going to face.


Academic Writing

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Writing at the Higher Education level is a whole other ball game in terms of standards and requirements you’ll need to abide by if you hope to do well. How you say something is as important as what you say and academic writing is no different.  You’ll also need to learn to back up your points with quotes and data and learn to reference appropriately.


Critical Thinking

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Before you even think about putting pen to paper, however, you need to think your thoughts through.  Learning to think critically is a skill sadly underrepresented in many national curriculums but is an essential part of proper academic success.  Does your assignment stand up to the rigors of proper logical thought, or will it fall apart under examination as the flaws in your reasoning are exposed?


Included in Our Other Courses

Not only are these courses excellent starters in their fields individually, but ADL is proud to announce that they are include free with the purchase of any Certificate course.  These courses have been written to get you up to the academic standard you need to be at for completing our own certificates and diplomas, but are just as valid for students going into University. 

So whatever course you choose to study, make sure you have your core learning skills ready to go.

You can now purchase our University Preperation Writing course together here



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