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Getting Active in 2015

in Random things of Interest, Study Tips on January 05, 2015 . 0 Comments.

No doubt by now you’ve weighed and measured the damage from the festive season.  Some of us will have managed to navigate the pitfalls of food and drink without expanding out waist lines, but for we mortals who couldn’t resist a mince pie (or six) it’s time to face the fact that it is time, once again, to go on our yearly diet resolution to be more active in the year to come. 

And since you’re entirely serious about getting your fitness levels up, why not take a course in a related discipline to help you make the most of it?  You’ll lose weight, get fitter and maybe even get a dream career into the bargain.  Here’s a few of our recommendations.

Adventure Tourism

Fancy yourself an Indiana Jones in the making?  With a course in Adventure Tourism, you’ll learn all about arranging vacations so exciting, they should be blockbusters.  An expanding industry appealing to young and old alike (though not always for the same things), consider a course in Adventure Tourism if you fancy the idea of traveling to exotic locations and experiencing things few others get to do.


For something a little more close to home consider Aquafitness.  This discipline involves the use and training of fitness techniques and equipment in swimming pools and other aquatic environments.  The low impact and high calorie burning nature of the exercise makes it ideal for those looking for a fun path to fitness. 

Sports Turf Management

With a job in sports turf management, you can have a career close to the sports you love that will keep you fit and active.  ADL’s sports turf management course is designed and written to help you learn how to maintain sporting facilities of all kinds, including:

  • Golf courses.
  • Tennis Courts
  • Bowling Greens
  • Cricket grounds
  • Football Pitches
  • And more!

Bushcraft and Wilderness Activities

Get away from the rat race and back to nature with an expedition into the wilds where you will live by your wits and skills, building your own campsite, foraging for food and reconnecting with the natural world.  Take a course in Bushcraft with ADL and you’ll get to learn all the skills and techniques you’ll need to know in order to thrive in the great outdoors.


Not only a creative pursuit, gardening is increasingly recognised as a great way for otherwise sedentary people to get some exercise.  While gardening, you’ll get the pride that comes with a well-tended lawn or garden, as well as the produce when in season.  But you’ll also get valuable help towards improving your fitness from all the digging, bending and moving maintaining a quality garden demands.  ADL has a huge range of courses related to growing all sorts of things.  Have a look at our Horticulture courses and see if there’s something you’d like to learn to grow in your garden.  

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