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How To Be A Successful Distance Learner

in Education, Study Tips, Lifestyle Education on June 10, 2016 . 0 Comments.

Five Traits of Distance Learners

Embarking on a distance learning course isn’t just an exercise in academic improvement and pursuit of knowledge.  It’s also a wonderful life opportunity to invest in your own personal development.  Engaging in a course requires and develops several traits which are valuable not just in studies but have benefits to your personal life and career as well. 

Here’s a few traits we see in our distance learners that study with us. 


Engaging on a distance learning programme can be a daunting prospect.  Even a short course represents an investment of up to a hundred hours on average and success cannot be guaranteed – you have to engage with the course if you are going to make progress and be prepared to work on gaps in your knowledge and mistakes along the way.

Still, a step into the unknown is a major action to take.  The good thing is that repeatedly being prepared to push boundaries like this gets easier every time you do it.   First you enrol in a distance learning course, and in the end you have the courage to put yourself forward for your dream job and apply. 


Traditional class room methods and learning doesn’t work so well with distance education.  As a learner you need to learn to be creative about how you go about your study.  Be this developing learning methods that suit you, arranging for somewhere quiet to do your studies or even arranging to volunteer or do a placement to gain experience with an outside body to help you complete the course.


Distance learners are self-starters.  They have to be as in the absence of a class room to attend and physical other students to interact with they need to be able to make progress in their studies.  And if they’re personally not so good at motivating themselves, they can instead be good at persuading somebody else to keep them motivated.  A friend perhaps who can pester you about your progress or even an online study buddy you can study together with.

Critical Thinking Skills

Distance learning, like all learning at a higher level requires the student to engage with the subject matter on an academic level.  Critical thinking skills are an essential part of any learner’s tool-kit.  The ability to make an argument clearly and logically without resorting to fallacies and errors in judgement as well as being able to analyse the arguments of others is practically mandatory.


Success is to achieving your goals more times than you fail them.  The key is learning to analyse your own work and methods and then building on your experiences to see if you can’t improve yourself.  Figuring out the gaps in your knowledge, processing the feedback from your tutor and being prepared to try new learning strategies are all things a student needs to do in order to succeed at their course.

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Last update: September 19, 2017


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