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Latest Courses

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All our courses are suitable for dads and non-dads alike! But with Father's Day right around the corner, we thought we would put together the four courses we think are really going to fascinate, engage and delight our dads.


Does your dad keep trying to fix that broken fan or washing machine, but with little success? If so, the Mechanics course is perfect for him! Taking a student through the core concepts of mechanics and the machines that rely on them, your dad will have a great understanding of Mechanics by the time he's finished. He may even be able to fix the fan for once!


Sports Coaching


Common symptoms of disease in poultry

Poultry is a collective term used to describe domesticated birds such as chicken, ducks, geese, turkeys and others. These are mainly used by humans for production and exhibition purposes but some also make excellent pets. 

Like all birds, poultry are, too, susceptible to disease. Disease is very common among poultry, especially those used in the farming industry. While it may be impossible or impractical to check individuals for symptoms of disease in a flock of thousands, the effect of disease on a flock can be detrimental to production. Additionally, and most importantly, disease may be an...

Why is UK Wildlife Law so confusing?

Lee Raye, Wildlife Law tutor at ADL, shares his favourite stories of wildlife legislation.

UK Wildlife Law can be confusing. Swans and stranded whales belong to the crown and you should not touch them. Nesting birds and wild plants are also protected, but you should exterminate rabbits whenever they appear on your land. If you accidently catch a grey squirrel you are not supposed to let it go, but if you catch a great crested newt you should let it go immediately and stop whatever you are doing.

The reason our laws are so complicated is because of the rich tradition of environment-use in the...

Introducing our New UK Wildlife Law Course

There’s a real interest among those in Britain who work with wildlife, either professionally or voluntarily, for a better understanding of the myriad laws in the country that govern the interaction between man and his environment on these Islands.  That’s why ADL is proud to announce a new short course in the works “UK Wildlife Law: An Introduction”.

By popular demand, this course is the ideal introduction for anyone involved in the British countryside and the huge variety of wildlife that calls it home. Great for farmers, conservationist and other roles, the goal of this course is to equip...

To be critical has often been perceived as a negative thing.  Words like criticism and skeptic have become bywords for curmudgeonly complaining about everything from movies to politics.  But to academics, such words have far more important meanings.  To be critical is to be rational and discerning when approaching new information from any source.  It is the skill, at its heart, of attempting to discern truth. 

All Sources are Biased

Everyone has an agenda.  If an article makes it into the paper or the nightly news, then it’s done so primarily because the provider thinks it will be of interest to their viewers but also because, in...

If you’re anywhere north of the alps, it’s been getting noticeably colder lately.  As winter arrives in full force, a familiar chill returns to the air convincing most of us that, actually, we’d much rather stay indoors at night in the warm rather than venture out into the dark, unwelcoming nights of December. 

So the question is, how do we make the most of the long nights in?  Rather than spending the winter sat in-front of the Television or skimming through Netflix, why not put your time into improving yourself.  Whether simply for enjoyment or with an eye to preparing for a new career or prospects, a home study course from ADL is  a...

The First Blog Post of Spring

Just when we had come to the acceptance that a canoe was an ideal investment for getting to work in the perpetual downpour of the British winter, the first day of Spring dawns. At last the sun has returned from its extended vacation in Spain, shining brightly down. All around us the new season is in evidence. Flowers are blooming, umbrellas are hesitantly going away and the green fields are filling up with bouncing, excited baby animals taking their first steps into the world.

Here in our corner of Kent we’re especially seeing a lot of new lambs. Small, woolly, adorable critters, barely a day old before...

With 2014 now well underway, it’s time to take stock of what you need to really make a success of the new year.  When thinking about the key skills you need to focus on, don’t forget to make time to brush up on your writing skills.  Everyone needs to communicate and if you want to get ahead then you need to make sure your best ideas get presented in the best possible way.  Whether you’re looking to polish your skills in support of another project or course, or whether you intend to make writing your main trade, ADL has a wide variety of courses. 

Here’s some of the ones we recommend:

Academic Writing.
The purpose of any form of...


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