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Most of us set ourselves goals, based on the ultimate life we want, whether these are health-related, career-focused or just being good at something.

And yet sometimes we have thoughts or feelings that block our progress. These may include low feelings of self-worth, fear, guilt or lack of self-belief or motivation.

Challenging these barriers to progress takes courage. We may have to examine difficult areas and long-held beliefs. This can involve making excuses such as, ‘I cannot exercise at all because I am revising for exams.’ But moving forward includes removing those barriers to success.

There are lots of ways to overcome...

We all know that the  New Year brings a great opportunity for self improvement and fresh beginnings. Sometimes, New Year Resolutions are over-ambitious, repeated year after year - and often doomed to failure before they begin. So how can you make sure that you change your life - improving your mental, emotional and physical self and become the best you, ever?  Here are some tips:

  Make your resolutions objective and measurable and time-based

Rather than state that you will ‘lose weight’, instead, resolve to lose four pounds per month, and plan carefully how you are going to do that. Similarly ‘do more exercise’ can be...

The festive season can be a stressful time of the year for even the calmest of people. Are you feeling the pressure from the family’s demands, the crowded shops and plans for festivities? What can you do to keep feelings of stress and anxiety at bay over Christmas and the New Year?


Here are some ideas that will help you to glide through the festive period without stress or anxiety.


Take good care of yourself

You may easily find yourself rushing around to make sure everyone is looked after and has the right gift, but you need to look after yourself as a priority. This means remaining self-aware: Are you tired? Are...

We all have values and beliefs that influence the way we think and behave. If you do not believe you are good at organising meetings or giving presentations, it is likely that this belief will affect your capability to do so - and be evident to others - in the way you behave. In contrast, if you develop your skills and build your confidence in these areas, you will find your belief about your abilities has changed. We sometimes we have 'limiting' beliefs about ourselves but this is a habit we can remove.


Beliefs and values operate outside of our conscious awareness. What you hold dear and what you consider to be important have...

Do you have a challenge ahead – perhaps a presentation at work, a speech or an interview? Do you fear that, although you have appropriate skills, and you have completed your preparation, your lack of confidence on the day may just jeopardise your performance?


Enter the Circle of Excellence, a technique, used in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to harness your positive, resourceful qualities and bring them to the fore exactly when you need it. Whatever the situation may be, experiencing the positive feeling behind the accomplishments, good qualities, and potential that you have will work for you. It is very easy to do. Here’s...

I'm Luis Pistelli and I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I've been blind since my childhood; so to assist me to read the course material, complete assignments and sit for the exam, I used a special programme called “Jaws”, which is a dedicated screen reader. I have to thank my father for instilling in me a deep desire to learn and study, despite the difficulties I face.


I am a physiotherapist by profession and I felt that ADL's Neuropsychology course would definitely complement my career goals. So in June 2016, I decided to become a student with ADL and start the Neuropsychology course. I have never looked back.

I thoroughly...

4 Ways to Get Through Exams


It is universally known that very few people do well in exams if they do little to no preparation but panic not, ADL has you covered. Here are four small tips to help get you, not only through your exams, but with an excellent grade too!


1. Motivate yourself

I know, easier said than done. Even doing chores seems more exciting than studying, but plan what you need to revise each day with adequate breaks and reward yourself when you have achieved your goal! A study suggests that simple things like telling yourself "keep going" and "you can do it" while you're revising really do help to keep you...

Have you ever thought to yourself that some people get all the luck, while others never seem to get the lucky breaks? There may be something in that - and Professor Richard Wiseman of the University of Hertfordshire has completed some research that suggests that there may be useful strategies to improving your luck.
He enlisted the help of hundreds of volunteers who considered themselves to be lucky, alongside some less-lucky people. He interviewed them and carried out some experiments. The results showed that, although these people had little insight into what had actually caused their luck, their thoughts and behaviour are...


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