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News from ADL

News from ADL

News from ADL

Living and working in three countries, Daniel Koren is a great example of what some of our international students can achieve. Towards the end of his last semester for his B.A. degree in Social Sciences at the Open University, Israel, Daniel studied Financial Management. At ADL he specialised in Hospitality Administration focusing on Hospitality Facilities - Accountancy and Bookkeeping.


Daniel has 20 years of experience in Technical Logistics and Warehousing, working in industrial and commercial firms. For the last five years, he has worked in the International Trade as an Import Administrator. As part of his work, he...

in News from ADL on November 02, 2018 .
Introducing Cara Gage!


We would like to welcome Cara Gage to the ADL team. She will be working with Registrar Amanda White to bring you a great student experience.


Cara has come to us from the world of customer finance and we are thrilled to have her on the team! Her 16+ years in a customer facing role means she's keen to make sure your time as a student with ADL will be as optimal as possible!

I'm Luis Pistelli and I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I've been blind since my childhood; so to assist me to read the course material, complete assignments and sit for the exam, I used a special programme called “Jaws”, which is a dedicated screen reader. I have to thank my father for instilling in me a deep desire to learn and study, despite the difficulties I face.


I am a physiotherapist by profession and I felt that ADL's Neuropsychology course would definitely complement my career goals. So in June 2016, I decided to become a student with ADL and start the Neuropsychology course. I have never looked back.

I thoroughly...

If you've been having a look around our site and noticed a course you like, now's the time to click on that Enrol button! For the next four days, 22nd to the 24th of June, we are having a Midsummer sale, where you can get 15% off any of our courses! Just in time for the holidays too :D

Dr Lee Raye, tutor at the Academy for Distance Learning, has been awarded the 2018 Alwyne Wheeler Bursary by the Society for the History of Natural History.

The Alwyne Wheeler Bursary is intended to facilitate original contributions to the study of the history of natural history by scholars under the age of 30. The Bursary includes a £100 prize, free entry to the conference and an invitation to the scholar to submit their paper for publication in the society’s journal Archives of Natural History.

Lee Raye won the 2018 prize with their paper ‘Urban ravens, red kites and voyagers to Britain’. The paper is being presented at the...

Many of you will know me as your tutor for many courses with ADL and some of you will be wondering where I have got to recently. I took a sabbatical from my tutoring because I have travelled to Ecuador – not on a holiday but to volunteer as a teacher in the University in Quito. I am also hoping to see more of this amazing country and the plants here – it is truly a botanic dream.

So far, I have been based in Quito, the capital. Quito is noisy, very polluted, very high (the 2nd highest capital city in the world) and never seems to sleep. They do have a quiet period – from about 1am until 1.15am when it starts up again. Sounds of Quito...

I’m really proud to say that this week I have been voted in as a Fellow of the Linnean Society. The Linnean Society is a learned society and as a fellow I am entitled to use the letters FLS after my name.

Learned societies and professional associations are like medieval guilds, in that they are non-profit organisations intended to raise standards and help their members. For some modern professions, membership even continues to be mandatory! For example, most top accountancy positions are only available to chartered accountants who have studied accountancy and are members of one of the professional associations. There are some...

We are, once again, an approved RHS learning provider and with new lesson formats, assignments and more extras for our students to enjoy, we hope you love the new look.

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