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Random things of Interest

With Easter here, we thought we'd take a look at some Easter foods from around the world. There are many rich traditions to explore and some traditions which seem to cross borders. Here are our favourites!


Hot cross Bun : UK

Hot cross buns are a delicious bread that is normally served toasted and buttered. It is traditionally made without dairy products, towards the end of Lent. Each part of the bun is tied to the religious Easter theme, from the cross on top of the bun representing the crucifixion of Christ to the spices used inside the bun representing the spices used during Christ's burial.


Mona de Pascua :...


Humans have an uncanny and incredible capacity to attribute meaning to pretty much anything and teach that meaning to others. This ability to create a language from ordinary items and symbols allowed the Victorians from the upper stratas of society, who were taught expressing certain things by word improper, to make grand, intense declarations of love, hate, friendship or indifference via bouquets of flowers and herbs.


It was not proper, nor polite, to declare social war on another in speech. But it was perfectly acceptable to do so via a bouquet of Tansies. Could one tell the handsome gentleman one met at that dance they...


What is a Hobby?

Hobbiescanhelp us relax and unwind after a long day at work or to enjoy at weekendsafter a hard-working week. They are important for our mental and physical well-being because they enable us to change the pace of life and allow us to “switch off” from the pressures we experience in our lives. 


Good hobbies to take up can be indoor or outdoor and the types of hobbies available can be recreational or constructive. Popular hobbies can include DIY, hobbycraft and activities in the garden. They can also include things such as table-top games, board games and sporting activities. 



Have you heard ofVeganuary? It’s a movement that encourages people to try out veganism for the whole month of January, much like Stoptober, which encourages smokers to give up smoking for October, it’s aim is to raise awareness for a particular issue for that month and many pledge themselves to fulfil the requirements via social-media.  


For the hardworking student who already has a few New Year’s resolutions under their belt yet to break, why add veganism to the mix? 


You might save a little cash


While there are many vegan supplements that cost an arm and a leg compared to their animal product...


Christmas dinner is a meal that many British families enjoy over the festivities. While it's hard to imagine a time when the traditional Turkey, Sprouts and Roasties did not grace our plates, the Christmas Dinner as we know developed over time and with many different factors affecting it.

  Mince Pies

Fruity, sweet and spicy pies of Christmas, the Mince Pie is a classic sweet treat that many people enjoy. Its origins can be traced to the Crusades when soldiers returned with meats mixed with spice and fruits. These were turned into pies that were eaten during the Christmas period, known as Shried Pies at the time. These...

There are a few days left of Christmas shopping and we thought we'd put together a list of great stocking fillers for different types of students! Maybe you'd like to drop a few hints to your family or friends.


A Stocking for a Horticulture Student

Grow It Bonsai Tree Kit


Bonsai is an art form that requires patience and dedication. It is also a great exercise for horticulture students who want to delve deeper into their horticulture skills.


Seeds for Gorgeous Winter Flowers

Sarah Raven has many lovely gifts for gardeners, but a quality and affordable stocking filler is seeds! You could easily fill a...

We all know that the  New Year brings a great opportunity for self improvement and fresh beginnings. Sometimes, New Year Resolutions are over-ambitious, repeated year after year - and often doomed to failure before they begin. So how can you make sure that you change your life - improving your mental, emotional and physical self and become the best you, ever?  Here are some tips:

  Make your resolutions objective and measurable and time-based

Rather than state that you will ‘lose weight’, instead, resolve to lose four pounds per month, and plan carefully how you are going to do that. Similarly ‘do more exercise’ can be...

The festive season can be a stressful time of the year for even the calmest of people. Are you feeling the pressure from the family’s demands, the crowded shops and plans for festivities? What can you do to keep feelings of stress and anxiety at bay over Christmas and the New Year?


Here are some ideas that will help you to glide through the festive period without stress or anxiety.


Take good care of yourself

You may easily find yourself rushing around to make sure everyone is looked after and has the right gift, but you need to look after yourself as a priority. This means remaining self-aware: Are you tired? Are...


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