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Sports Nutrition - The Making of Champions

in Health on May 15, 2014 . 0 Comments.
Sports Nutrition Course OnlineWorld Cup season is soon upon us and once again fans across the world will be given the chance to marvel at some of the finest athletes on the planet in action.  Many a young boy (and girl) will come away with the dream that one day perhaps it will be then on the pitch, playing for their country and perhaps even lifting the coveted trophy to the applause of thousands of cheering fans.
Of course the more pragmatic ones will soon realize, if they don’t know already, that such a dream is probably not going to happen and they need to be a bit more realistic than hoping to be one of their nations chosen eleven.  But there’s more to football, or indeed to any sport institution, than just the players on the pitch. These titans are merely standing on the shoulders of those who carry them; the workers, managers, health specialists and fans without whom they would falter. 
Into this paradigm of excellence, the Sports Nutritionist has one of the most important roles.  The human body is an incredible machine, and it is the nutritionist who knows and understands best what sort of fuel it needs to achieve at its very best.  It’s a huge field, with sports teams, schools, universities, gyms, health clubs, pharmaceutical companies and food firms all in need of their services. 
But what is a Sports Nutritionist?  Well they’re the people who plan the food and drink intake of athletes so that they can consistently perform at their best.  Combining the science of nutrition with a passion for sports, the best sports nutritionists can be found in the entourage of professional sports teams as they travel the world.  Their primary responsibility is to ensure that the diet of the athlete meets their current needs something that is constantly changing whether the sportsman or woman is in training, preparing to compete or recovering from injury. 
ADL’s Sports Nutrition course is an all included course for those looking to get started in this vibrant field.  Whether you’re looking to begin a career as a professional nutritionist or merely want a better understanding of nutrition as it relates to sports for your own use our online course is an ideal starting place.
Over the course of nine comprehensive lessons you’ll learn such important concepts such as:
  • The concept of energy as it relates to the human body, how it is produced and how it is used.
  • The importance of diet, and how it varies from training, leading up to a competition and after.
  • The importance of fluids and body composition
  • Methods for creation of muscle mass and the use of sports supplements.
With ADL’s online sports nutrition course, you can combine a talent for science with a love of sport, opening the door to your dream career.  Enrol today!
Tags: Health, Sports, ADLLast update: September 19, 2017


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