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Bookkeeping: Success Story

Bookkeeping: Success Story

Educational Success Stories - our students' success stories

Ever since the first caveman traded a shiny rock for the second cave man’s banana, money, and where it goes, have been the bedrock of civilization.  Whether you trade in dollars, pounds, rubles or shiny rocks, a decent living can be had for anyone with the skills to follow the money.

For anyone with a head for finance or business, a job as a Bookkeeper can be an excellent undertaking.  Knowing where an organization's money is going and understanding it is an essential skill that all of them, from a single trader just starting out to a global corporation,need. It’s also an important skill for decision makers within a company as...

You seem like a very busy man! How are you finding the time?


I invest time planning! That’s all it is, I plan my life as if it were a project at work. I apply my administrative techniques and use technology to help facilitate activities and procedures.


What does your typical day look like?


My day starts at 4:00 am and finishes at 22:00 pm. Each day has its projects and each project has certain tasks and activities involved. My most important project is my work. I like to think of my work as a type of gym, where I am building my professional skills. My job offers me many challenges and difficulties that I can...

Living and working in three countries, Daniel Koren is a great example of what some of our international students can achieve. Towards the end of his last semester for his B.A. degree in Social Sciences at the Open University, Israel, Daniel studied Financial Management. At ADL he specialised in Hospitality Administration focusing on Hospitality Facilities - Accountancy and Bookkeeping.


Daniel has 20 years of experience in Technical Logistics and Warehousing, working in industrial and commercial firms. For the last five years, he has worked in the International Trade as an Import Administrator. As part of his work, he...

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Careers in accountancy are far more varied than when looking in on the world and industry.  There are a wide ranging set of training opportunities for business and banking right through to independent practice.

Accountants are needed by every company whether they outsource the services or not. Chartered accountants are not just bookkeepers or taxmen anymore - they are financial specialists who are at the centre of every company. Monitoring cash flow is the life blood of business.

Accounting Employment Opportunitites

Accountants work across all fields of business and finance. Once qualified you could work in the following...

This is a collection of thoughts as to why Online Courses are so popular:

There are a so many reasons:

One of the more popular reasons is access.

Many adults work substantial hours and are also juggling family obligations at home. Even night courses can be difficult for many adults. Furthermore, distances from home to a college campus or high school outreach site can make it very difficult to take courses. And, do the colleges actually offer the courses that you're interested in. The increasing cost of commuting will continue to play a role in some people’s ability to drive to a college campus one or more times per...

As with any great enterprise your greatest obstacle to study success is none other than yourself.  Everybody likes to procrastinate and take it easy for a little bit and it’s true that life is to be enjoyed but it you want to make a success of your distance learning course sooner or later you have to put in the effort and make it happen.  Nobody can make it happen but you.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to help find the motivation you need to succeed at learning online.  Here are a few of our favourite study tips for getting and keeping yourself raring and ready to go for learning success!

Set Goals to Be...
After leaving the military Paul Evans went into leisure management when an opportunity came from the government who asked him if given his background he would run leisure facilities for the diplomatic and intelligence services. 

Needing to understand the core financials behind the business side of his operations, Paul learned to be a Bookkeeper first qualifying through the ICS in the 70’s before moving to qualify with the ICB in more recent years. 

Today he tutors Bookkeeping for ADL and also Project Management for which he is a Professional Project Manager as certified by the Project Management Institute of America

ADL: ...


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