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Thinking of Tigers: Wildlife Conservation Courses from ADL

in Gardening & Horticulture on May 08, 2014 . 0 Comments.
Over Sixteen Thousand.  This is the number of animal and plant species that conservationists worldwide consider to be threatened with extinction that are officially known about.  Given the vast number of organisms still be recognized, categorized and assessed by scientists the actual number is thought to be far higher.  Every day brings with it the risk that another unique branch of life on earth will disappear forever into the records of history. 

It has long been accepted ofcourse that the main cause of extinction is the activities of human beings.  From the ever expanding reach of human settlements and cities to the quest for more farmland to feed our growing populations each step further into the wild has left less and less space for the natural species who lived there before.

There is good news however as the dedicated work of conservationists worldwide and the public that supports them continue to bear fruit.  Through dedicated programmes of preservation of habitat, species breeding and more increasing numbers of species are moving away from the threat of utter extinction to safer levels of sustainability, ensuring that future generations can continue to enjoy the diversity of life these plants and animals provide by their existence. 

There is so much more to wildlife conservation than donating £5 to save the pandas or adopting a tiger cub in Bengal.  Conservationists are professionals who draw upon two great strengths in their work; an unending fascination, respect and even love for the creatures they work with and a comprehensive and quality education,equipping them with the skills and knowledge they need to change the world for the better.

But conservation isn’t just the preserve of a few professionals – everyone who lives on our shared planet has a responsibility of care towards it.  That’s why it’s worth educating yourself about the wilder world beyond our comfortable borders and that’s why ADL has a range of quality courses in wildlife conservation, helping to spread the skills and knowledge needed to ensure that tomorrow is as bio-diverse as today.

Consider, for example, our Wildlife Conservation courses.  Written for hobbyists, those with an academic interests and people looking to get into conservation on a professional level, this comprehensive course covers everything a newcomer to conservation might need to know.  You’ll learn not just key concept and ideas that every conservationist must know, but you’ll also learn how and be able to demonstrate how to do the essential research that will enable you to assist threatened wildlife in any area of the world.

Or for those who want to take their role in conservation father we have our short course in Wildlife Management or our larger Diploma in Wildlife Management.  Written for those with the responsibility of overseeing conservation projects, zoos and the management thereof, these comprehensive study programmes aim to inform, educate and empower all would be managers involved in conservation work – from managing staff to navigating national environmental legislation to understanding the important of habitat and ecology in managing conservation projects.

And for those who just want to do their bit for the environment and the planet from the comfort of their own garden our forthcoming Gardening for Wildlife course will offer education, advice and skills to help you set up your own, home grown conservation effort.
Whether your place is in the garden or away in the rainforests learn to make a difference with a Wildlife Conservation course, from ADL. 
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