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Thoughts on Corporate Gift Giving

in News from ADL on November 07, 2013 . 0 Comments.

corporate gift ideas givingWith the festive season approaching it’s time for businesses to take stock of their successes for the year and look to reward those employees who have contributed most to the business in the last twelve months. It’s true that most employees will happily take a cash bonus as a business or corporate gift but what about rewards for the best performers.

Searching for Corporate gift giving ideas is a tough challenge, so read on to discover the gift that is also an investment.

Savvy Business owners have long known and reaped the benefits of further training and educating their workforce. The gift of new skills, knowledge and understanding is truly priceless for the recipient and the practical upshot of giving it for an employer is getting to reap the benefits – after all, they’re still working for you!

It’s true of-course that these are challenging times for business (though, and let’s be honest, when has it ever NOT been challenging for business?) Naturally this means needing to get the most out of every resource a business has. All the most successful companies recognize the most important asset any business has is the people who work for it and whose ideas and efforts make its every achievement a reality.

Sound reasons for investing in your employees include:

  • That you already know your people and their relative competencies. Taking on a new person for a job is always a risk and one that can be avoided by using someone you already know and trust.

  • The area of expansion may simply not be large enough to justify a second person. Particularly for smaller businesses, it’s key to get the most out of every last Employee you can afford on the payroll. It’ll be cheaper in the long run to, for example, train an administrator to do the book keeping rather than hiring another person from outside.

  • Encouraging a culture of thinking and personal development in your employees. This can reap dividends down the line by helping your employees learn to work smarter rather than simply harder, and more than one great business idea began life as an idea on the factory floor.

  • And lastly because it’s an investment. It’s the gift that gives back.

ADL is offering a wide range of courses we think would make ideal gifts and investments for deserving employee’s this year. From book keeping courses to business management e-books we have a great range of programs to help you and your business get off to the best start possible in the New Year.

We also offer Gift Vouchers redeemable on courses and our ebooks.

Give the gift that gives back. Give Education.

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