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Five Ways to Stay Motivated in your Studies

in Tutor Talk, Study Tips on November 09, 2018 . 0 Comments.

We have all been there. A project that is started with great enthusiasm drops down the priority as life’s demands get in the way. Whether something happens that invades your routine, or whether you just drift into a lazier lifestyle, it can be difficult to get going again once you think you have failed in your studying goals.

The good news is that there is no need to lose heart about studying. You can pick up and rediscover that enthusiasm and studying regime that gave you that original zest for gaining knowledge and skills.

Re-define how studying fits into your life

candle lamp, green bottle, alarm clock and old book open on a desk

Is it a chore, and battle to be won or something that is done reluctantly when you have run out of other things to do? If so, you can choose to consider your studies as important ‘me-time’, and something that is motivating and interesting. As soon as your coursework is relegated to ‘chore’ status, you will find other priorities to attend to. So make it important to you!

Try changing the way you study

woman studying outdoors

Listen to music while you work, if that helps. Study in a different place. Use different stationery – anything that creates a difference and a fun-filled way to approach your work. If you are in a rut, doing the same thing as you have been doing is not going to get you out. Some of these suggestions may sound daunting, so allow yourself to study in your new way without expectations. Just experiment and see what happens.


Ask your Tutor for Help

tutor writing on a board

Maybe you are in a rut about research, about submissions, about a particular part of the coursework you do not understand. If so, do ask your tutor for help. There is no such thing as a stupid question, so ask away.


Give yourself Time Off

woman sleeping with a puppy in her arms

Remember that there is no deadline for your courses to be completed at the Academy for Distance Learning (ADL). This means that if Life does suddenly get in the way of studying, you can give yourself permission to take time off, while other things take priority, and then return to your course with fresh resolve. This is so much better than feeling a nagging sense of guilt for procrastinating with your coursework.


Visualise the End Goal

thumbs up against a blue, almost noon day sun

Imagine how proud you will feel when you receive your certificate. Once gained, no one can take this away. So just enjoy your coursework and regain that love of learning. Check out the Courses page on our website.


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