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What's Holding You Back?

in Lifestyle Education , Motivational & Quotes on October 12, 2018 . 0 Comments.

We all have values and beliefs that influence the way we think and behave. If you do not believe you are good at organising meetings or giving presentations, it is likely that this belief will affect your capability to do so - and be evident to others - in the way you behave. In contrast, if you develop your skills and build your confidence in these areas, you will find your belief about your abilities has changed. We sometimes we have 'limiting' beliefs about ourselves but this is a habit we can remove.


Beliefs and values operate outside of our conscious awareness. What you hold dear and what you consider to be important have evolved throughout your lifetime. All experiences you have had will have impacted your values and beliefs

How Self-Belief Affects you

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Think of all the instances where a self belief worked against you, either keeping you away from taking action to attain something you wanted, or negatively affected you emotionally with repercussions for relationships, health, etc.


These beliefs tend to contain a presupposition that nothing will change in the future. A self limiting belief will always be future focused, having an element in it that suggests things cannot and will not change.

Correcting Negative Self-Belief

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However, the good news is that conversely, it is also possible to let go of these old beliefs, and develop new, more supportive ways of thinking and behaving that can, in turn, help to create a more positive narrative for ourselves. Here is how:


  • Write down a limiting belief. Note how strong each belief is and what feelings they evoke.


  • Know that these are not truths. As Evelyn Waugh, the author wrote, “When we argue for our limitations, we get to keep them. You choose.”


  • Experiment with a different belief. Use your creativity to construct a belief more attuned to what you want. It might be something like, “I’ve had useful experiences with making presentations in the past – so I’ll use these to give the best one yet, next week.


  • Go further than just saying it. Step into this new belief and feel how it feels. This will go a long way to dismantling your old limiting barriers.


  • Now it is time to take action. Act as if your new belief is true. If you avoid taking any steps based on your new belief, you will just give power to your old limiting belief.


Taking action, even the smallest step, will create more confidence and a real change for the better. A new set of more positive beliefs can produce a happier and more successful life.

Tags: self-belief, motivation, you can do itLast update: October 12, 2018


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