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Where did your ADL course take you?

in News from ADL, Random things of Interest on January 22, 2015 . 0 Comments.

At ADL we believe in the power of education to change lives.  Whether it’s acquiring the knowledge to take the next step up the ladder professionally or opening the door to an entirely new career or other opportunity, we see daily the results of learning in improving the lives and prospects of everyone fortunate enough to benefit from it. 

To illustrate that, we’re on the lookout for stories from our students and former students about how their studies with ADL have changed their lives and given them the opportunity to fulfil their ambitions.  We’re looking for students prepared to make a short video about themselves and their experiences on their distance learning course with ADL and then share it with us and the world. 

Interested students should prepare a video of themselves, or even a recording of them talking about their course and the way It has impacted their lives.  You don’t need fancy equipment – a phone will work fine so long as the audio quality is decent. 

You can say whatever you like in your video, but what we’re especially looking to find out includes:

Who you are and what course you did:  Unsurprisingly, we’d rather like to know who you are and what course you did with us, as would our viewers.

What you were doing before you did your course:  What were you doing prior to your course?  Working professionally?  Studying at another institution?  

Why you wanted to do an ADL course:  What attracted you to doing the course?  Why did you choose to study with ADL?

How You Found Your Studies and Distance Learning:  What were your experiences with distance learning?  How did you keep yourself motivated to carry on with your studies?

What went wrong on your course?  Like you, we at ADL are only human.  And so despite our best efforts, on rare occasions something doesn’t go according to plan.  Did this happen to you?  If so, how did we fix it?

What You Did After Your Course:  When you finished your course, what did you do afterwards?  What’s your overall dream and ambition? 

There are few restrictions on who we’ll take submissions from.  In fact, as a global learning programme, we heartily encourage a wide range of applicants of all ages, genders and backgrounds to participate and demonstrate the breadth of the ADL student body.  A few things to consider, however, include:

  • Keep it short, no more than 2-3 minutes.
  • Speak clearly and don’t mumble – we want to hear what you have to say! 
  • Avoid foul language – imagine your grandmother was watching and be on your best behaviour!

Compensation and Conditions

While getting a platform to tell the world your story is exciting enough, we thought we’d express our gratitude to our students who share their stories with us with a complimentary £25 Amazon voucher for all accepted videos!  Not bad for a quick video…

Please bear in mind that by sharing the video with us you are consenting for us to use the video for promotional purposes on our website.  As part of this we may make changes and edits to the video in order to better fit our vision. 

Getting Involved

So, ready to make your master piece?  Get in touch with us at info@adlhomestudy.co.uk and we’ll tell you the specifics of what we need you to provide and where to send it. 


Last update: September 19, 2017


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