Bookkeeping and the Cost of Christmas

If you’re anything like the writer of this piece the ideas of Christmas, and planning, are never found in the same place.  December is a lazy month right up until about December the 24th at 2:53 PM.  At which point, with about two hours left until the shops close, utter pandemonium breaks out as you realize just how much trouble you are in and rush out to the store to desperately attempt to procure last minute gifts for your loved ones. 

Worse still, you will not be able to find any tape to wrap your presents in and will have to resort to sticking your presents together with Pritt-stick or another form of glue – giving clear evidence of your lack of foresight to kith and kin alike. 

Better Finances Through Bookkeeping

There is a better way.  With a bit of planning, Christmas can be a far less stressful time of year and, more importantly, a far less expensive one.  Leaving purchases to the last minute is a risky, double edged move, especially where the must-have toys of the season are concerned.  With the global economy doing better than in previous years, retailers may not be as willing to bring Boxing Day sales forward as they have been in previous years.

The best way to get on top of your finances is to learn how to balance your books.  Double Entry book-keeping, the most popular form of the art, has been serving merchants, financiers and families alike for hundreds of years since its invention by the Franciscan Friar Luca Pacioli at the end of the 15th century.  

Though still open to mistakes from those keeping the books, who are only human, double entry book-keeping has the advantage of being far less error prone than other methods of recording cash and expense, which has made it the base line method for businesses and organizations of all types. 

Preparing for Christmas 2015

It may be cutting it fine to expect to start a course in the subject and be ready and practicing in time for Christmas, festive seasons being what they are.  But when the snow has settled and it’s time to bask in the afterglow of the celebrations, surrounded by receipts and bank statements saying just how much it cost you this year, it might be time to realise that there was a better way all along. 

Fortunately, ADL has a range of bookkeeping online courses on offer.  Provided in association with the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, our comprehensive courses are the perfect way to get your head around the financial wizardry and help get the numbers to add up in your favour.  

Our courses are written for those who want to have the professional skills to work as bookkeepers, possibly as a step on the road to accountancy.  As such, their comprehensive depth make them ideal for anyone looking for a proper introduction to the topic.  Whether you want to keep a better tab on your spending in the new year, or you want to give yourself a new career this Christmas, ADL’s bookkeeping courses, combined with our other financial courses, are the ideal way to plan for your prosperous new year. 




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