Bookkeeping: Student Success Story: Mihaela

Probably the best thing about working at ADL is helping to make a real difference in the lives and prospects of our students.  Wherever they come from or whatever they study we take a real pride in the part we play in helping people achieve their potential in life. That’s why when one of our students achieves an excellent result we like to congratulate them personally and in general make a bit of a fuss.

Such is the case with Mihaela Foxley of Canterbury UK who recently achieved the impressive result of a Distinction in her book keeping course (ICB Level I in Basic Bookkeeping, ICB Level II in Manual Bookkeeping and ICB Level II Computerised Bookkeeping and Diploma in Payroll Management).  A married mother, currently working as an administrator in the city, Mihaela had previously worked as an accountant abroad many years prior before marrying and coming to the UK. 
Her qualifications were not recognized for practicing accountancy in England, but rather than allowing this to dampen her prospects she elected to take her future into her own hands and retrain.  As a busy woman with a family and a job, taking time out to undertake a formal course at a college was an impossibility, but the distance learning methods of ADL offered something to her specific needs. She told us, “You have a profession, you have a job, family.  And I think from this respect, this course for me was like a glove.  It fitted me perfectly.”
The course, though provided through ADL, is accredited by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers that award the final qualifications.   The ICB is a British non-profit organization that promotes standards and best practice within the Bookkeeping profession and boasts 150,000 members worldwide in over 120 countries.  

Comprised of both manual and computer based modules, the course was a complete introduction to bookkeeping in the manner promoted by the ICB.  The IT based part of the course in particular required the use of SAGE, a computer based bookkeeping application regarded as an Industry standard in the business assessing Mihaela with her proficiency with the tools she would actually be using were she to start a new job as a Bookkeeper.

When quizzed about her favourite part of the course the answer came almost immediately.  “My Tutor, Mr Paul Evans” she said firmly.  “He was a real inspiration for me.  He was always there.  He pushed me when I was, you know, not very motivated.  It matters.  It matters a lot having someone like this because it’s easy to give up on it when you don’t have a term limit.   But if you have constant interaction with your tutor it helps you” It also helped the course was “Well written and easy to follow”. 

But perhaps the most valuable lesson learned through the distance learning process was not necessarily the bookkeeping itself, she divulged.  “You have to be absolutely confident before taking an exam” Mihaela said “This course, it prepared me not just for the exam but for life.  It helps you learn exactly how much you can give and because it’s an online course you have to learn to assess yourself and your abilities so you know when you are ready to sit that final examination”.

With an average score of 96.3% across the board in her results and a Distinction to her name it was clear to us that Mihaela hadn’t nearly reached her potential yet so we asked what she planned to do next.  “Next is the next level obviously!” she chuckled before adding more soberly “Well I’m thinking about it.  I’m taking a break now.  But after that it’ll be the next level, level three.”

Pressing further we asked where she saw herself in five years time.  “I want to start my own business” she said confidently. “Accountancy of course”.




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