Build Your Own Course – Here’s How!

Education is a paradoxical thing. At its heart its about opening up new doors and possibilities. Yet sadly enough, it closes doors at the same time.   With only 73.16% years on average available to us in our lives there simply isn’t enough time to try everything.

Even within a single diploma or degree programme there is often a lot of inflexibility. A good programme of course will ensure that everything contained in it has a reason. The path of studying having been written so that each concept builds upon the ones before to achieve the full understanding a student should have by the end of the course.

Some students however know exactly what they want and what the power and flexibility to take their future entirely into their hands up to deciding exactly what they want to study in their course programme. For these students, we encourage them to build your own course.

A Course Built Around Your Needs

If you already know what you want to study or simply want a more diverse diploma, ADL offers the chance to earn your qualification by building it from the ground up.  Every ADL course is built as a self-contained module that can be studied as a separate unit (a few do have pre-requisites however).  This gives the student who knows what they want to build a qualification that’s truly customized to their own desires.

By combining modules in the following ways you can earn the following certificate at the conclusion of your studies.

  • 2 Courses (200 Hours) – Proficiency Certificate
  • 4 Courses (400 Hours) – Advanced Certificate
  • 6 Courses (600 Hours) – Diploma
  • 8 Courses (800 Hours) – Advanced Diploma
  • 12 Courses (1200 Hours) – Higher Advanced Diploma

The timeframe given in hours is the expected time that a student will need to complete their studies. However, as an ADL student you benefit from our flexible time scales and can spread out the time it takes to complete your programme at the speed that suits you.  Study full time and complete your course in a matter of months or progress comfortably over years to fit around your work, family and life needs. The choice is yours.

Build Your Own Course – Examples

Imagine you’re a newly started chicken farmer with your small flock and a bit of land. Perhaps you took in some rescue chickens and fell in love with the birds to the point that you wanted to make your pets and hobby into a viable side business.

A typical course in animal husbandry is a fantastic introduction to the topic – but you’re not interested in keeping cows, pigs or sheep.  So you want a programme more tailored to your needs.  You want obviously to learn how to keep Chickens professionally, but you also want to understand how to run your new enterprise as a successful business.

Looking at the ADL catalogue you start to build your diploma from the offered courses. Naturally you have to start with poultry – you’re just a hobbyist still, time for some proper training and study!  Straight away though you realized that with a bigger flock you need more knowledge to properly take care of the ground your chickens live in.  A course in pasture management is called for. Keeping your flock healthy is important too.  You’re not going to be a Vet, but it’s important to know when your birds need one.  Enter animal health care.

But don’t forget – this is to be a business!  So you take a few modules to help you get to grips with the realities of making your side hussle turn a profit.  You add modules in farm management and bookkeeping.  You also have a dream of creating a sort of sanctuary for rescued Hens and figure turning your little farm into a small destination for visitors might be a good way to fund it. So you round out your course with a unit in farm tourism.

Discussing your goals with one our friendly course advisors you now have a custom diploma in Poultry Farm Management to study for. A specific path that fits your particular wants and needs.

Do you have a particular goal in mind for your course of study that a more rigid qualification doesn’t speak for? Why not have a  no commitment chat with us today and see if we can build together the course of your dreams?




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