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Higher Advanced Diploma Online

Level 6 Higher Advanced Diplomas from ADL can be studied online from home in a distance learning format. They are highly valued by learners and employers globally because they consist of twelve related certificate courses and usually include industry, research and/or workplace projects. As a comparative guide, level 2 is at the level of a G.C.S.E.,level 3 is at the level of an A level, level 4 is at the the level of a HNC and level 5 is at the level of a HND. Level 6 is at the level of a BS.c or BA, but not equivalent to one. Please note that levels are an indication of how much you will learn in your course; they are not a reflection of difficulty. For this reason, unless the Higher Advanced Diploma you’re interested in says differently, you do not require any G.C.S.Es, AS levels or A levels to take it.

All our Higher Advanced Diplomas have been bench-marked to the UK FHEQ (Framework for Higher Education Qualifications) and the EQF (European Qualifications Framework) by ASIQUAL, a UK based awarding body offering qualifications that recognise both students’ academic achievements and evidenced skills.

Get a Qualification: Qualifications for Higher Advanced Diplomas from ADL, are endorsed and issued by TQUK (Training Qualifications UK) for which The Academy for Distance Learning is a recognised centre. TQUK is an Ofqual Approved Awarding Organisation and ADL’s recognition number with TQUK is:1709318. In order to maintain our Recognised Centre status, we are subject to yearly EVs (Evaluation Visits) to ensure that we conform to, and are meeting the high standards demanded by a company listed on the Ofqual Register. The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) is a non-ministerial government department that regulates qualifications, exams and tests in England. Colloquially and publicly, Ofqual is often referred to as the exam “watchdog”.

In addition to receiving a TQUK/ADL Higher Advanced Diploma, students will also receive an official transcript of their grades, signed and authorised by the Academy’s Registrar.

Already in work and need Professional Development? ADL delivers a number of Higher Advanced Diplomas, studied online via Home Study and in a Distance Learning format. One of the advantages of doing a Higher Advanced Diploma or other of ADL’s extended courses, is that you don’t have to wait to complete the whole programme before reaping the benefits. Our Higher Advanced Diploma in Counselling and Psychology is made up of individual courses in their own right, with most being professionally accredited independently. This means that you can practice as a fully qualified practitioner in the subject you have completed and use the revenue to help finance the rest of the programme, in order to gain your higher qualification. See our interest free payment plans.

Get a Career: If you would like to pursue a career in relation to the Environment, ADL’s Higher Advanced Diploma in Environmental Management should certainly stand out on your C.V. and encourage employers to seriously consider your application. If you are interested in animals and the environment, you can combine the two with our Higher Advanced Diploma in Applied Animal and Environmental Welfare, an absolutely outstanding course.

Learn something of interest: We have found that amateur and professional learners really love our Animal Related courses and so our Higher Advanced Diploma in Applied Animal Science. neatly fits the bill. This course is ideal for those with a keen interest in animal care, animal health care or the environment. It is also invaluable for anyone needing CPD qualifications in animal studies, like Zoology, Mammalogy and Biology.

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