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Short Courses Online

Do you need a crash course in a subject? Possibly for an interview for a job, college or university? Are you looking to gain a good introduction to a subject of interest before committing yourself to a longer course and significant cost? If so, ADL’s short online courses provide a bite size education in many subjects.

From Addiction Counselling to Wine and Beer Making, you will be surprised with the wide range of subjects to choose from. The courses can either be used to gain a quick understanding of a subject, or can act as introductory courses to our 100-hour Certificate programs, 400-hour Advanced Certificates, 600-hour Diplomas, 800-Hour Advanced Diplomas, or 1200-hour Higher Advanced Diplomas.

You can begin and finish your course at any time and you can even become knowledgeable about your choice of subject over a weekend if you want to. Here is what our 20-hour study programs have to offer:

  • All self-paced – (20-hours is a guide)
  • Automated online study programs
  • Lots of practical learning
  • Computer generated tests.
  • Leading to a Certificate of Completion

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