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In the medieval ages, your local barber also doubled up as your local physician. Our knowledge of medicine was limited and many practices that would not sound unreasonable now were completely forgotten in favour of dangerous, deadly and ridiculous methods. This time period gave rise to the practice of blood letting in order to cure a number of ills. From headaches to the bubonic plague, small cuts on the arm to deep ones across important arteries were used to cure everything with little success.

During the renaissance, much knowledge resurfaced and was applied to the different fields of science, art, music, philosophy, history and religion. As a result, there was a prominent emphasis on what came before and what had been explored and recorded in the past. In time, research became more important and developed into its own discipline that could be used within many other disciplines.

Today, good research forms part of many different subjects and advancing your academic or professional potential is heavily reliant on your ability to research.

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