At ADL, we provide the best features that enhance your online distance learning experience and make it easier for you to grasp information and make the most of your new knowledge.

Our Distance Learning Approach

Our courses are delivered direct to you either: online, or USB  stick. Both delivery methods can be downloaded and printed to be used as traditional correspondence.  The choice is yours. 

Why you need Professional Development

Our courses have been designed by industry experts to help you develop a different set of skills to your competition, to sharpen your focus, build confidence, establish communication skills, and develop a unique network of contacts. Our courses are compatible with industry – many schools and colleges simply do not do this.

If you are job-hunting and serious about your career, then being different is a key to success. Do not try to be like everyone else. Having the same skills, the same qualifications, and the same products and services to offer will simply put you in competition with already successful people.  Having something that is a little different will make you stand out.

Who are our Students?

Our students come from all over the world, from all kinds of backgrounds and ages. Many are trying out distance learning and further education for the first time, while others have degrees and other qualifications and are interested in pursuing additional education. Some students even undertake our courses purely for hobby purposes, while others use our courses to change careers.

You Get to do Practical Tasks as well as Acquire Knowledge

When you enrol you are not just purchasing a set of notes or books, but purchasing a learning programme. In addition to this learning experience, the one distinguishing feature that sets us apart is that you get to do practical tasks (located at the end of each lesson) as well as acquiring knowledge of the subject matter.  Demonstrating at a job interview that you have practical skills and subject knowledge will set you above the competition.

How do Practical Tasks Work?

We encourage students to network, observe and do things in the real world in many ways. Practical tasks include:- Field Research, Networking and Analysis, Conducting Surveys, Growing Things, Collecting Things, Photographing Things and Processes.

Tutor Support

Every student is assigned their own dedicated tutor who is an expert in the subject area. Tutors are there to support you throughout your course and to guide and facilitate your learning. They  provide as much or as little individual contact as required. When you submit your coursework the tutor will give you feedback that helps you develop your ideas and provides motivation. The great thing about our courses is that you can contact your tutor whenever you need to – your hours aren’t limited, so you get all the support you need. 


If you want to receive a qualification in any of our courses, then you’ll need to sit for an exam at the completion of all lessons. Alternatively, if you feel you don’t cope well with exams you may elect to undertake a project instead.  Once you have successfully completed all assigments, the exam or project, you will be awarded the appropriate qualification.  If you elect not to do an exam or project, then you will receive a Letter of Achievement.  You take your exam in your own location and at a time that is convenient to you. To find out how our exams work please see our examination process.

 Courses may be taken alone or as part of a much larger study programme, i.e. Advanced Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Higher Advanced Diploma. Our courses are internationally recognized and compatible with the demands of industry requirements.

Qualifications Awarded:

Note:  All Modules are taught at the same quality and standard, whether they are taken for a Letter of Achievement or a TQUK endorsed qualification.

Self-Design your Qualification

Not all educational institutions certificates /diplomas meet everyone’s needs. ADL offers students the flexibility to self-design their own qualification – bundling together a combination of 100 hour modules into a qualification higher than a certificate and one that will assist you in achieving your goal.  This benefit allows you to undertake a unique course of study, and avoid having to study modules that are of no interest or use to you. ADL’s admin team are available to advise and help you in choosing your courses.

Instalment Plans

If you decide, in the case of a Diploma or Higher Qualification, to pay your course fees in the form of a one-off payment, you will be eligible for a 10% reduction on fees. Alternatively, you may choose to pay via one of our interest free instalment plans. Please click here for further details.

Learning Methods

Choose one mode of delivery from the following – 

  • Online 
  • USB Stick (a small fee is payable for this format – see course description)
  • Correspondence (printed format) – choose the USB option for this choice. You download all the course material (lessons are in PDF format) from the USB stick and then print your lessons etc at your own pace. The  Printed material can then be kept in a folder of your choice, for example, as a spring back folder.

Please note: all the above formats are downloadable and may be printed at your discretion.


Please look at our FAQ’s  for answers to the most common questions asked by students.   

When you enroll with ADL you will be joining other like-minded students who are improving their lives through education.

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