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Animal Care

Animal Care Courses Online

Have you often thought you’d love to work with animals but wouldn’t know where to start? Maybe you assumed, like many others, that you had to have veterinary qualifications to achieve such a goal. There are, in fact, several careers today that involve hands on work with our lovable creatures...and courses that can help to get you started.  You can even study the psychology behind animal behaviour.  Recent research has revealed more to us about animal language, cognition and tool use – and even about their emotions.  According to one Biology professor, “There’s dog joy and chimpanzee joy and pig joy, and dog grief, chimpanzee grief and pig grief...  Fish show fear. Rodents can empathise. This is hard science.”

Get Qualified:  ADL offer several courses in animal care and behaviour, helping you towards a vocation and career working with animals.

Change of Career:  Whether you want to work with animals in a wildlife park, zoo, veterinary practice, pet shop or on a farm, an ADL course will give you a good foundation in animal husbandry, welfare and behaviour.

Learn Something New:  If, for example, you love spending time in the great outdoors, are reasonably fit and love dogs, then maybe consider becoming a dog-walker.  For this occupation an ADL course can teach you the importance of recognising and understanding a dog’s unique personality and behaviour, their body language, and how to group them in the appropriate walking packs.  If, on the other hand, you’re interested in working with a wider variety of creatures, why not look into becoming a trainee zookeeper?  Alternatively, there are a number of animal welfare centres, charities and clinics that rely on volunteers to help with rescued or ailing creatures – why not find out about one in your area?  Whichever job appeals to you, one thing is guaranteed: when working with animals you will rarely have a dull or humdrum day.

Professional Development:  ADL's course in Animal Health Care provides students with the majority of a veterinary assistant's syllabus, both here and abroad.  Working with animals is a rewarding vocation, but relevant training and qualifications are always important to a potential employer.  ADL offer a variety of distance-learning courses to help get you started.


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Zookeeping 100 Hours Certificate Course

Zookeeping Certificate course online. Would you like to work with animals? Do you want to make sure that animals in zoological parks...

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