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Agriculture 600 Hours Diploma


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Agriculture 600 Hours Diploma

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( Marelize, 10/01/2019 ) Q:

Good day Are all tests and exams done online? Do students need any face-to-face or on-campus time? Guess my question is - Is this whole course done online? Thank you

( 10/01/2019 ) A:

Hello Marelize,

Thank you for your question. Our courses have been specifically developed to be studied by distance learning only. The course is accessed online, but the learning materials are downloadable for working offline.

The exams at the end of each module are written (not online), which you take at a time and place of your choosing, for example at home, or at your place of work. Your assignments also help make up your final grades, so it is not necessary to travel to a centre anywhere. The exam is more a final assessment, than a pass/fail examination.

For more information on how the exams are administered, click on the links below. Please note that there is a final project alternative to the exams if you prefer. The subject of the project is agreed between your tutor and yourself after you have completed all of the assignments and you can elect to take this option at any time.


I hope that this answers your question sufficiently Marelize.

Best regards



( Eve, 10/09/2017 ) Q:

Hello, I would like to know more about the examinations: are they essays, tests, multiple choice? Thanks

( 10/09/2017 ) A:

Hello Eve,

Thank you for your question. 

There is a graded written assignment after each lesson and once you have completed the lessons and assignments for a module, there is a one and half hour written exam. There are six modules in the Diploma, so six exams to complete. Please click on the links below for more details.



Please let us know if you need anymore information.


( Nathan Alexander Brailey, 04/09/2017 ) Q:

Hi I am interested in doing this course and I was wondering if it be a recognised qualification within the uk also could you tell me who the awarding body is and do we get a certificate at the end of course for our records

( 05/09/2017 ) A:

Hello Nathan,

Thank you for getting in touch.

The qualification has been recognised. Your qualification will be endorsed and issued by TQUK (Training Qualifications UK) for which The Academy for Distance Learning is a recognised centre. TQUK is an Ofqual Approved Awarding Organisation and ADL's recognition number with TQUK is:1709318. In order to maintain our Recognised Centre status, we are subject to yearly EVs (Evaluation Visits) to ensure that we conform to, and are meeting the high standards demanded by a company listed on the Ofqual Register.

The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) is a non-ministerial government department that regulates qualifications, exams and tests in England. Colloquially and publicly, Ofqual is often referred to as the exam "watchdog".

When it comes to describing your qualification on your CV, you should state that your qualification has been issued by an Ofqual Approved Awarding Organisation. Any employer will be able to check TQUK's status on the Ofqual Register and that should be sufficient for them to accept that your qualification is genuine.

You will receive a certificate from TQUK with a pass, merit or distinction depening on how well you do, plus a transcript from us. The transcript will show what you learned and your assignments grades, which will also be of interest to employers wanting to know what agricultural skills you possess.

I hope that this answers your questions Nathan and please come back to us if we can be of any more help.


( solani, 03/06/2017 ) Q:

Hie..after l finish my diploma is there a graduation perhaps?secondly are there any textbooks that l can purchase when studying that you might recommend?

( 05/06/2017 ) A:

Hello Solani and thank you for your questions.

We are a distance learning academy and there are no graduation days. Your qualification will be posted out to your home address and sent to you electronically.

There are no specific text books required and your course reading material is included with your fee. There will be further research required though, to help you to go deeper into the lessons.

I hope that this is helpful.

( Biddy Simpson, 02/02/2017 ) Q:

Hi. Where does a Diploma in Agriculture sit in relation to HNC, HND and Degrees in Agriculture which are offered at other places? Is it recognised throughout the UK? Many thanks.

( 03/02/2017 ) A:

Hello Biddy and thank you for your questions. 

The Diploma is deemed to be a level 5 attainment as compared to the UK Framework for Higher Education Qualification (FHEQ). That is at the level of a Foundation Degree or HND.

We are a Recognised Centre for TQUK UK (Training Qualifications UK), an Ofqual Approved Awarding Organisation. The Diploma in Agriculture has also been endorsed by TQUK. This means that any employer or University can check that them on the Ofqual Register, in order to see that our qualification is appropriate to the industry. Therefore, although there are never any guarantees in life, it should be acceptable to employers and Universities.

In addition, the old saying: "Knowledge is Power", is still true, because although a qualification may get you an interview, it is what you know that will set you apart from other applicants at an interview. Because our courses are written to fulfill the needs of employers, you will be able to demonstrate a sound understanding of Agriculture and how to apply your learning to the work place.

I hope that this information helps.




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Agriculture 600 Hours Diploma

Diploma in Agriculture course online. This course will teach you how to work on a farm, or how to run your own. It is ideal for those already working in the agricultural industry, wanting to up skill and improve their career prospects. sons and daughters who are taking over the family farm from their parents, or anyone wishing to develop a career in farming.

The 3 Compulsory core units will equip you with all the basics needed for general Animal Health, Agricultural Marketing Skills and Farm Management. After you have completed the core elements, you will be able to choose 3 modules from a choice of 11 specialised courses, including: Agronomy,Aquaculture,  Beef Cattle, Calf Rearing, Dairy Cattle,Horse Care, Pasture Management, Poultry,  Pigs, Sheep, and Soil Management (Agriculture).

student comment:

"Thank you very much for that.

I have already got the job, Tier 2 Area Field Manager for Somerset and part Devon for the National Milk Records group, which is the UK largest milk recording company, who also provides services to farms to ensure their cows are as profitable as possible. I will be in charge of about 220 farms and overseeing the services that the company offers these farms. It is a job, I could never have gotten without the course ADL has provided me... so a big thank you for helping me get to where I am now. Frances C, Diploma in Agriculture (Livestock Management), UK


TQUK Approved Course LogoThis Diploma in Agriculture is endorsed by TQUK -  an Ofqual approved awarding organisation.




The Diploma in Agriculture is a 600 hour course comprising of 6 x 100 hour Certificate modules. Click on each module to view detailed outlines.

Please Note:  that each module is a certificate in its own right, and may be studied separately. Click on each module to see a more in-depth description of what each course will teach you.


Lesson Structure: Diploma In Agriculture VAG001

Your 3 Compulsory Modules Are:

Animal Health Care (VAG100)

Learn to care for the health of any type of animal and understand the scope of services offered by animal care services, including veterinary practices. This course is appropriate for anyone interested in working with animals on a farm, a wildlife park or a veterinary practice. It is a sound foundation course and designed to cover most of what is found in a typical veterinary assistants course in many countries around the world. The welfare of animals is an essential part of animal husbandry.  More...

Agricultural Marketing (BAG304)

This course develops your ability to analyse and manage marketing problems in an agricultural enterprise. Topics covered include: market research, management of your marketing, promotions, handling produce, packaging, distribution, customer relations and more. More...

Learn successful management of farming business through this Distance Learning Course. Animal rearing and crop production are only part of the picture in successful farming good management skills are also vital. So a team of experts from the UK and Australia were enlisted, under the leadership of renowned horticulturalist John Mason to develop this course. You will learn how to analyse, diagnose and make management decisions related to a farm business. A thorough and comprehensive Online course in farm management. More...


Then Choose 3 Modules From The 11 Listed Below:

Agronomy (BAG306)

Agronomy offers many job opportunities.  Demand for agronomists is strong; whether as a farmer, farm employer or providing technical support or marketing services in the agriculture sector. Learn the principles and practices that underpin commercial broad acre crop production (agronomy) and develop an ability to interpret and apply information practically, on a farm. Complement your farming studies or experience and seek employment in the highly sought after field of agronomy! More...

Agronomy II (BRG309)

The Grains industry both for animal and human consumption, is very extensive and crops include growing common grains like wheat and rice, plus uncommon grain crops, such as Amaranth and Soybeans. By completing this course, you will acquire a sound understanding of Agronomy as it relates to cereals, pulses and pseudo grains. As well as learning about different grains, you will gain skills regarding which species and cultivators you should choose. More...

Aquaculture (BAG211)

Develop a capacity to develop and manage freshwater aquaculture enterprises. Aquaculture is the farming of water animals (eg. Fish, crustaceans) for human consumption. This course covers: water (e.g.source, purity, flow, temperature, dissolved oxygen), stocking rates, spawning, checking stock, stripping, fertilization, hatching, growth stages, feeding, harvesting, stocking and more. More...

Beef Cattle (BAG206)

Develop your abilities to analyse and make decisions about the management requirements of beef cattle. This comprehensive distance learning course covers cattle breeds and breeding, diseases, feeding and nutrition. You will also develop your skills in management (including feed lot and stud herd management), economics and marketing. More...

Calf Rearing (BAG207)

This course develops your ability to manage the rearing of calves for different agricultural purposes. It covers all aspects of calf rearing including Calf selection; Birth; Calf Diseases; Rearing Systems; Calf Housing, Weaning and Post Weaning. More...

Dairy Cattle (BAG205)

This is a very practical foundation course; providing unique and extensive support from university qualified and industry experienced experts. If you want to learn about dairy cattle and their management, this is the course for you. More...

Goat Farming (BAG223)

Domestic goats are one of the most useful animals to have as they are easy to look after and feed. Therefore, they are very good for farming, as pets, or as pack animals (pack goats).As a domestic farm animal they can be used to produce a variety of products, such as: Diary (milk, butter, yoghurt), Meat, Leather, Wool (fleece goats), Soaps, body and hair care. Goats can also be very useful for the control of weed or grass overgrowth on a property as well as a great source of manure for garden.More...

Horse Care I (BAG102)

Develop your knowledge and skills of horse care. This course develops your ability to evaluate and manage horses, including using different handling and grooming procedures, understanding their required diet and evaluating their conformation. You will also learn about commercial applications, including trading horses. A thorough grounding home study course. More...

Pasture Management (BAG212)

Optimise your pasture. Pastures are critical to many types of farming and to both small and large yielding enterprises. Some farmers have been reported to have turned unprofitable farms into commercial successes by simply improving pasture. This online course will give you the skills to evaluate, design and make decisions about the management of pasture for different purposes. More...

Poultry (BAG208)

This home study course will teach you to manage poultry on a small or large scale, and for production of eggs, meat or young birds. You will become skilled in all aspects of poultry care and management, including: terminology, breeds, nutrition, disease, layers, broilers, incubation, brooding, record-keeping, economics and marketing. More...

Pigs (BAG209)

Gain a great understanding of pig production. Pig production can be highly sophisticated or unsophisticated. This course develops a better understanding of pig biology and production. You will cover and gain skills in a comprehensive range of topics, including: breeding and selection, feeding, diseases, managing the boar, sow and litter, fattening pigs, economics and records. More...

Sheep (BAG210)

Equip yourself with a comprehensive knowledge of sheep farming. In this course you will learn a broad range of topics, including: Breeds, Selection and Breeding, Nutrition, Diseases, General Management of a Commercial Flock, Care of the Lamb, Wool and the Marketing of Sheep and Sheep Products. A thorough and practical online course. More...

Soil Management (Agriculture) (BAG103)

Treat your soil and grow great plants! Good soil conditions are critical to the healthy growth of most plants. Develop an understanding of physical & chemical properties of soils, carry out simple tests to determine soil characteristics, learn ways of treating soil to grow plants. Specifically designed for ornamental gardens, landscaping, container growing, and turf situations. More...


What Makes This Diploma Different?
  • It is written and updated by Industry Relevant Professionals and covers what employers are looking for, not unrelated professional course writers keeping to a "minimum " standard.
  • There is a choice of electives not found in similar Diplomas or other institutions of learning.
  • It is more in-depth than can be found at other colleges. You'll learn more and develop skills in helping you further  your business and career goals.
  • Learning and knowledge is the focus of this course  – our belief is that what you learn is what makes the difference.
  • You will get unlimited support throughout your studies from Industry experienced tutors, with relevant qualifications and at least 5 years experience of working in their field.
  • It is respected by Employers because it teaches what they want you to know.


Why Take This Diploma?
  • As world populations grow, so to does the need for food, meaning once you have completed the Diploma, you will have knowledge and skills that are in global demand.
  • "Knowledge is Power". You will be able to demonstrate a solid understanding of what you have learned to existing and potential employers and how to apply it to the real world.
  • It will help you to stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs. Don't think that employers are only interested in degrees; they're not. Many may view degrees as only teaching the theory, not the transferable skills they are looking for. Our Diploma will teach you those important transferable skills.
  • You can choose the elective modules that will improve your areas of expertise in the subject you believe is in your employers or your best interests.
  • You can study the Diploma at your own pace and complete it around your existing work commitments, meaning that you don't have to take time out to do your continuing professional development (CPD). 
  • It is recognised. The Diploma in Agriculture has been endorsed by TQUK - An Ofqual Approved Awarding Organisation. Potential employers and universities, will be able to check their member status on the Ofqual Register of Organisations. (Change the drop-down bar from Qualifications to Organisations and type in TQUK in the box that says: Enter text here).


Course Info
How Do Our Tuition Fees Compare?
Course StartBegin your course at anytime.
Course Prerequisite None - Our course levels are an indication of the depth of learning you should receive. They do not describe the level of difficulty.
Course Qualification (Study Option A)Endorsed Qualification from TQUK - Training Qualifications UK, an Ofqual Approved Awarding Organisation - Completed written assignments, plus final exam (N.B. Some courses have Final Project alternative).
Course Qualification (Study Option B)N/A
Comparative Credits InformationUK Course Credits: 60 - U.S. Credit Hours: 18 - when compared to regulated courses.
Course Duration and Deadlines600 hours approx. Course hours given are a guide only. Work at your own pace with no assignment deadlines or completion date. You are in control!
Study SupportPersonal tutor/mentor support from industry relevant professionals throughout your whole course. Mentors are contactable by e-mail, telephone and through the online classroom. They provide assistance with your course material, plus discuss, explain and give advice when needed.
Suitability for Self Employment and Small BusinessesOur courses are ideal for sole traders and small business owners and their staff. Customer confidence in what you can do will determine how successful you are in getting clients. Completing one or more of our courses for the service you have to offer, will give you the tools to grow your business.
Recognition of Your Course By EmployersWe aim to achieve the correct balance between your qualification being recognised and providing you with the in-depth learning, to empower you to succeed. Select study option A when enrolling, so an employer can check the status of the awarding organisation for your qualification on the Ofqual Register.
Recognition of Your Course By UniversitiesPrevious students have used their qualification to get into university. However each one will have its own entrance criteria and acceptance may also depend on your other qualifications and experience.
Designing Your Own QualificationBundle up your choice of related courses to form your own qualification. Choose from a Diploma (6 courses), Advanced Diploma (8 courses) and Higher Advanced Diploma (12 courses.
How Can I Enrol?Online via eCommerce, by completing our Online Application Form, or by calling us on +44 (0) 1227 789 649. Lines open 9am till 5pm Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays and between Christmas and New Year.
How Can I Get a Pro-forma Invoice for my Employer?Contact us with details and we will email your employer an invoice. We will need: employer's name, address, telephone number, email address and contact name. We will also require your name, telephone number, email address, date of birth and the course and code you wish to enrol for.

                       Learn, Progress, Change, Achieve                                                     


Previous Customer Experiences with our CoursesWoman leaping to the next level in her career development

"Fantastic Teacher. Well organised modules. Assignments force me to learn and research more so I can prepare well for exams. I really enjoyed studying via ADL.  I can now continue study at Ulster University which accept my certificate from ADL".    Level 4,  Advanced Certificate in Applied Science,  VSC001,  Stanislawa,  Poland.

Its with great pleasure I am announcing you my new job as 'Park Manager' for a 5 star hotel in Reunion Island.  Its definitely my courses with ADL (Botany, Agronomy and Trees for Rehabilitation) which were decisive for my nomination. Accordingly, my sincere thanks goes to all the ADL team.

"The course was a valuable learning experience as it provided me with the knowledge and understanding for me as a Careers Advisor. The feedback was very good from my tutor, and allowed me to  build upon my assignments that were marked. The comments were very informative  and very useful. Well written course material."  Andrew W, Careers  Counselling, UK

More Reviews....


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