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Dissertation course online. Self paced Home Study - Distance Learning course. Learn to write and present a good dissertation. The purpose of the dissertation is to show that you are capable of writing (AND PRESENTING) in an academic manner, conduct research into the relevant academic literature and write about the research in a clear and precise way.

To complete your dissertation, you have to show your marker that you can:

  • Set a relevant title for your research.
  • Decide on aims for your research.
  • Carry out a background research relevant to your dissertation.
  • Summarise and clearly explain the research.
  • Discuss relevant points.
  • Argue relevant points related to your dissertation title.
  • Follow the correct format for the dissertation.
  • Write within the appropriate word limits.
  • Use academic language.
  • Write references.

Remember that this is an academic piece of writing. You may choose to study something practical eg. The Development of a Cottage Garden. That is a suitable title, but you must write academically about what is a cottage garden, the plants that are suitable, soil composition, garden designs and so on.


Learning Goals: Advanced Certificate Dissertation Preparation - BHT330
  1. Select and define for approval a current and relevant subject for research
  2. Prepare a framework with which to organize your research. Carry out research to support your topic. Perform secondary research to provide information for a literature review
  3. Prepare a literature review for inclusion in your thesis
  4. Prepare the first part of the Research Methods chapter for the thesis
  5. Prepare the second part of the Research Methods chapter for the thesis
  6. Creation of a complete first thesis draft
  7. Prepare final draft of dissertation 1
  8. Prepare final draft of dissertation 2


Lesson Structure: Advanced Certificate Dissertation Preparation - BHT330

There are 8 lessons in this course:

1  Developing a Research Proposal

  • Introduction
  • Dissertation Proposal
  • Defining Your Research Topic
  • Writing a Research Proposal
  • Timetable
  • Academic Writing
  • A Word on Plagarism
  • Ethical Research
  • Human Research
  • Non Human Research
  • Human Research Ethics Committee
  • Category of Research - Human
  • ADL Human Research Ethics Committee
  • Initial Application for Approval to Undertake Teaching or Research Involving Human Subjects

2  Background Research

  • Organisation of Work
  • Organisation of References
  • Collecting Information
  • Finding Literature
  • Organising Research Material

3  Literature Review

  • What is a Literature Review
  • Research Objectives
  • What Makes a Good Literature Review
  • Finding Literature
  • Critical Reading
  • Literature Review Structure
  • Writing

4  Research Methodology

  • Introduction
  • Data Collection
  • Research Integrity

5  Data Analysis

  • Introduction
  • Data Organisation
  • Limitations of Your Research

6  Preparation of First Draft

  • Introduction
  • Thesis Structure
  • Presentation
  • Proof Reading
  • Writing the Conclusion
  • Writing the Introduction
  • Writing the Abstract
  • Marking Scheme

7  Preparation of Second Draft

  • Prepare final draft of dissertation 1

8  Submission of Final Documentation

  • Presentation
  • Declaration

Each lesson culminates in an assignment which is submitted to the academy, marked by the academy's tutors and returned to you with any relevant suggestions, comments, and if necessary, extra reading.



Due to the wide variety of terminology surrounding dissertations and thesis from country to country we will define the term dissertation as not a singular research project that satisfies requirements for a higher degree, but to a very substantial project that is submitted in part to satisfy a coursework higher degree. 

Please Note:  The purpose of a dissertation for a post graduate level qualification, is to be able to demonstrate evidence of an understanding of the field, and which may also contribute to the knowledge in that field.

As such this module allows the student to engage in research on a topic that is of particular interest to them as well as demonstrating not only their research, analytical and investigative skills, but also their ability to work independently with self determination.

This module will require a substantial commitment from the student. Not only will the student be engaged in independent research and will be required to submit substantial assignments they will also have to verbally defend their research once it is completed.

This module is not a workshop or a research project, it represents a very large commitment of time and effort and will result in a piece of original work by the student.

What Are You Considering as a Topic?

Prior to commencing your dissertation you will need to submit a dissertation proposal for approval before you may commence study in this module.  This will allow us to assign an appropriate tutor.   If you already have a preferred tutor please include this in the proposal.

It is most likely that the most suitable topic for you will be one that lies within the field of your personal or professional interests.  There are several reasons for this;

  • Due to the high relevance of the topic to your own interests it is most likely that you yourself will be highly motivated and will pursue your research with vigour and interest.
  • By keeping the topic within your personal or professional interests it is likely that you will already have a high level of prior knowledge pertaining to the topic. This can easily guide you to given problems or gaps in the research on which to base your research question.
  • By selecting a topic related to personal or professional interests it may assist you with access to data collection, thus providing you with easy logistical support.

It is also possible to select a topic that they have already spent sometime in previous study or it may be closely related to a module already completed thus providing you with a relationship with the previous tutor who may also be able to guide you in your topic selections.  It is well worth considering the following points:

  • It should be a subject that you will be able to complete within the given time frame
  • There need to be adequate resources and materials available to ensure completion


This course is taught by:

Lee Raye

Lee Raye course tutorM.A. (hons) Celtic Studies, (the University of Aberdeen); M.St. Celtic Studies, (the University of Oxford)

Lee is a PhD candidate at Cardiff University with degrees from Aberdeen and Oxford. He has written two books, digitalised another and written several academic papers. He has been interviewed by National Geographic and presented papers at eight different national and international conferences. Lee’s native language is English and, if asked, he is always happy to help students with their English spelling and grammar. He is also a keen proponent of the digital revolution and dreams of a world where all books are available instantly to be read, searched or treasured. Although he mainly writes non-fiction, he loves Victorian literature as well as modern fiction and poetry of all kinds. His academic knowledge of medieval events, cultures and the history of Britain’s environment make him especially qualified to help students interested in writing sci-fi and fantasy.


Course Info
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Course StartAnytime, Anywhere
Course Prerequisite No, start at anytime
Course Qualification (Study Option A)
Course Qualification (Study Option B)Level 6 Advanced Certificate in Dissertation
Comparative Credits InformationBHT330
Course Duration and DeadlinesTQUK - Training Qualifications UK, an Ofqual Approved Awarding Organisation.
Study SupportYou'll be allocated your own personal tutor/mentor who will support and mentor you throughout your whole course. Our tutors/mentors have been specifically chosen for their business expertise, qualifications and must be active within their industry. Tutors are contactable by e-mail, telephone and through our Moodle Student Support Zone online. Tutors are there to provide assistance with course material, discuss, explain and give advice and support throughout the whole programme. Their feedback is vital to your success.
Suitability for Self Employment and Small Businesses
Recognition of Your Course By EmployersFinalised with an exam/test
Recognition of Your Course By Universities400
Designing Your Own Qualification15 Credits
How Can I Enrol?3 Credit Hours
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Previous Customer Experiences with our CoursesWoman leaping to the next level in her career development

"Fantastic Teacher. Well organised modules. Assignments force me to learn and research more so I can prepare well for exams. I really enjoyed studying via ADL.  I can now continue study at Ulster University which accept my certificate from ADL".    Level 4,  Advanced Certificate in Applied Science,  VSC001,  Stanislawa,  Poland.

Its with great pleasure I am announcing you my new job as 'Park Manager' for a 5 star hotel in Reunion Island.  Its definitely my courses with ADL (Botany, Agronomy and Trees for Rehabilitation) which were decisive for my nomination. Accordingly, my sincere thanks goes to all the ADL team.

"The course was a valuable learning experience as it provided me with the knowledge and understanding for me as a Careers Advisor. The feedback was very good from my tutor, and allowed me to  build upon my assignments that were marked. The comments were very informative  and very useful. Well written course material."  Andrew W, Careers  Counselling, UK

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