Free Student Handbook For All ADL Students – Now Updated!

Student HandbookReintroducing ADL’s online student handbook.  It’s the same student manual you knew and loved only refreshed and redone for a new, more studious tomorrow (because 2013 is so last year).  Jovial second hand car sales speech aside, we’re really quite proud of it and feel privileged to be able to offer it for free to all current and future students of ADL.

But What Does It Do? 

For those of you who are currently unaware, our student handbook is intended to be a guide to our students both to studying with ADL and also an introduction to distance learning in general.  Whether you’re entirely new to studying with our Academy or you’ve been with us for some time you’ll find in one place a handy resource that encourages and guides you on your path to study success. 

Inside its full colour pages you’ll find an essential resource that aims to answer all the most common questions we receive on a daily basis from our students.   The new student manual has been put together to meet the changing needs of our learners and provides advice from how to do your assignments to what to do if you need an extension.

Amongst the other things covered in the manual included are:

  • Why you should study with ADL (if you weren’t convinced already)
  • How to enrol and pay for a course
  • Our code of practice – what you can expect from us and what we expect from you.
  • How our courses are structured
  • Our grading structure explained
  • Advice on how to do your courses

And, of-course, if this isn’t enough or the manual itself can’t answer your question (and we get a lot of odd questions), it's finished off with the details of how to contact us to get your query resolved. 

So How Do I Get My Shiny New Student Handbook?

Getting hold of a copy of the new student handbook is as easy as logging in to your account on our ADL study zone with the details given to you at the start of your studies.  Every student has access to this, either as part of their learning package or on request.   If you are unable to use the study zone, or simply want a copy to use at your own leisure, please contact our helpful admin team who will be happy to provide you with a copy.

We hope you enjoy the new Student Manual and that is proves useful in answering any questions you might have about studying with us.  Most of all we’d welcome any feedback you may have – after all 2015 is just around the corner and we’re always looking to improve.  Got a suggestion? Then let us know!

*Student Manual not guaranteed to have answers to all questions including meaning of life, what's for dinner and who shot JFK. 




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