Get an Instant Confidence Boost: The Circle of Excellence

Do you have a challenge ahead – perhaps a presentation at work, a speech or an interview? Do you fear that, although you have appropriate skills, and you have completed your preparation, your lack of confidence on the day may just jeopardise your performance?


Enter the Circle of Excellence, a technique, used in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to harness your positive, resourceful qualities and bring them to the fore exactly when you need it. Whatever the situation may be, experiencing the positive feeling behind the accomplishments, good qualities, and potential that you have will work for you. It is very easy to do. Here’s how.

Step 1

lovely pattern in a circle

Draw a circle (using your imagination) on the floor in front of you – large enough to step into. You could even outline a circle with chalk or tape on the floor. If you have a hoop, use that.

Step 2

Create a mental image of yourself inside the circle. Visualise that this self-image is full of confidence, is wise, positive, funny, happy and full of energy. See this image of yourself doing the task that you want to do and doing it confidently, easily, and with everything going exactly right. Include with your visualisation every good deed, every success, every skill that you have, and any other source of optimism and wished-for traits and happy experiences, and again, mentally place these inside the circle. Include sounds, feelings, colours and shapes.

Step 3

dart board with a dart in the middle

Now, physically step carefully into your circle. Take a long, deep breath and absorb the positive effects of what is in this circle. See, feel, touch, taste and listen to this place in your mind’s eye. Enjoy this wonderful experience for a while. Feel how confident and full of pride you are being how you wish to be. The Circle of Excellence is all yours. You can keep this resource with you.

Step 4

Next, from inside your Circle, consider your future. Allow yourself to think of those important times – that speech, the presentation or the interview, whatever challenges you may have. Project your feelings of excellence into these important situations as you stand within your Circle of Excellence.

And to Finish

woman jumping with arms wide open

To complete the exercise, imagine picking up the Circle of Excellence and placing it somewhere close to you – maybe in your pocket or bag. Whenever you need a boost, you can retrieve the Circle and mentally place it on the floor and step right in.


If you've tried this out for positive results, let us know in the comments below!




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