Great Snacks for Study

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Now that we're back in the swing of our daily lives, you may have been thinking about really knuckling down to some serious study. And if you're like us, you need a few snacks along the way to help you avoid a hangry rampage because you became so engrossed in your lessons that you forgot to eat. Never fear, here are a few snack ideas for the dutiful student!

For the short study session

You have finally completed all other jobs for the day. It's 4pm and you've got a couple of hours to go before dinner. What do you do? Grab an hour or so for study!

Dark Chocolate

If you know you can only spare an hour or two for your studies in a week, then you want to make that time as precious as possible. Dark Chocolate contains Caffeine, which helps keep you alert (more on that later). It also contains flavonoids that settle in parts of the brain which deal with learning and memory. One study done on over 900 women found that women who regularly consumed dark chocolate performed better in cognitive tasks than those who did not. What a great excuse for a little treat!



Nuts are great for your health overall as nuts are linked with healthy heart functions. There was a large study taken that found people who consumed nuts regularly over several years had sharper memories than those who did not.


For the mid-length study session

It's the weekend. You know you have at least four hours before anyone bothers you, so you take your precious time and devote the afternoon to hashing out that assignment that's been taunting you all week. What do you reach for in that awkward break between meals?


Pumpkin Seeds

Delicious and small, pumpkin seeds provide a student with a great source of Zinc, a mineral that is vitally important for brain signalling and thus, for brain function. Making sure all your neurons are fired up during the short time available for your studies is going to mean a more quality study session. Pumpkin Seeds also have Magnesium, another mineral linked to healthy brain functions, specifically relating to memory and learning.

For the long study session

It's 10 am and you've decided that today is all about study. You've cleared your diary and made your study plan, now you're facing eight hours with your books, notes and the internet.



A cup of coffee before you start studying can be just what you need to keep you focused throughout the session. Believe it or not, the caffeine in coffee has been linked to a decreased risk in Alzheimer's. Yes, that's right. Provided you drink less than 5 cups a day, coffee is very good for you! At the start of a study session, Coffee can help keep you alert due to its ability to block adenosine (the chemical that promotes sleep).



Blueberries have had their spot as a superfood for a while now, and no wonder! A study done on older adults discovered that, after drinking a juice made of wild blueberries every morning, after 12 weeks, there was a marked improvement in memory. Blueberries contain antioxidants can act against oxidative stress and inflammation, both of which have been linked to brain ageing.

What are your favourite snacks to nibble away on while studying?




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