Grow Gardens and Dreams This Spring – Why study the RHS course online

If you’re thinking of studying RHS courses now is the time. Why study the RHS course online?

Spring is almost here, or spring is already here depending on whether you subscribe to the meteorological or astrological calendar. In the former case, spring begins on the 1st of March. In the latter, spring does not begin until the Spring Equinox which this year falls on March 20th.  Either way with winters frost over for another year its time to start growing plants and careers with an RHS course.

With springs arrival and warmer temperatures, we can expect to see plants starting to grow again. Many plants that would remain dormant at best in the cold winter can be seeded for growth in the coming season.  But like every gardener knows, raising plants is a business that requires a great deal of time and patience and once those plants are in the ground and watered there’s nothing more to do but wait.

The Benefits of Studying RHS Courses Online

The sun of course is key to successful growing.  The more hours of sunshine the more potential growth plants can achieve through photosynthesis which is why the longer days are so important.  However, the aspiring gardener should consider what impact studying might have on this. A traditional course or university qualification would require daylight studying, forcing you to choose between tending to your garden and tending do your studies.  Convenient for the lecturers perhaps but not quite as convenient for your garden.

The physical classroom likewise provides little real advantage to the student gardener.  You can’t for obvious reasons take the soil into the school, but thanks to modern technology you can quite easily take the school to the garden, studying whether on a phone, tablet or, if you like reading a physical copy.

Indeed by choosing to study in your own gardening grounds you have the advantage of being able to put into practice everything you learn immediately. Why leave useful new knowledge as theories when you could put them to use straight away in your own projects? With an online course you can plant seeds of knowledge and actual seeds on the same day.

The Footsteps of Gardeners Past

The Royal Horticultural Society has been at the forefront of horticultural knowledge since its foundation in 1804 as the Horticultural Society of London.  For over two centuries, expert gardeners have looked to and learned from the example set by this world-leading organization in growing matters. Now is the time for you to do the same!

By taking an RHS certified course you can be assured that you are walking in the footsteps of past horticulturalists.  RHS courses are built on this pedigree of knowledge. From farmers to gardeners and botanists the materials of the course are guided by the expertise and best practice hard won over generations.

In addition, by gaining an RHS qualification you demonstrate to peers, employers, client and customers that one of the worlds top horticulture organizations recognizes your skill and knowledge. A certification that can give both yourself and others the confidence to pursue whatever project you might dream to undertake.

But don’t leave it till winter  – make hay while the sun shines* and learn more about your RHS future today!

(* Actually maybe don’t make hay.  If you’re making hay it’s already July and you’ve missed most of the growing season. We recommend another time. Like now.  Now is good.  Now is always good.)




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