How to Make your C.V. Stand Out

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Filling out your C.V. can be a daunting task, especially for someone who has been in the same job for years and hasn't needed up update their C.V. in a while. But fear not, we are here to give you a few tips and links to help you out. To start with:

Make sure your C.V. is made specifically for the job you are applying for

Blanket C.V.s with your entire work/volunteer experience listed in detail are not going to cut it. Each job you apply for should have its own C.V., tailor-made for that job specifically. Read through the job specification you are going for and think about how your past experience meets those points. Then ensure that is added to your C.V.

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Avoid adding unnecessary details

There are some things you do not need on your C.V. You do not need your Date of Birth, for example. You do not need a picture of yourself or your home address. All these details job posters are not going to notice much anyway and some may downright harm your application (age discrimination is a thing in the workplace). The purpose of your C.V. is to make your capacity as a potential candidate for a job stands out. All other personal details are irrelevant, including references, so don't fall into the trap of handing these out until you are specifically asked to do so.

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Add detailed summaries of your current position

Your current position is the most relevant to the prospective employee. How can what you do now apply to what you want to do in a potential job? You will need to make sure that you understand what you are applying for through and through. If there's the opportunity to seek extra information for the job you want to go for, do it. Then work out how your current experience matches that.

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Include details of your achievements

It's important to display what you've achieved in your work life. Employers are looking for people who will do the job they need to be done, in the most efficient manner possible. What sort of impact do you have in your current position? Did you save your current company money? Successfully implement a new strategy? Whatever it is, write it down. Remember the acronym SMART when you are doing this: talk about Specific goals. How were they Measured? How were they Achieved? Are they Relevant? And what was the Timeline for your achievements?

From the Undercover Recruiter

Format correctly

If you want your C.V. to stand out, make sure it's easy to read. That means making your formatting as good as it can be. Keep job titles bold and clear. Make bullet point lists for your key responsibilities and achievements, ensure that there's enough spacing between lines so that your C.V. stays easy on the eye. And make sure you keep you C.V. to around 2 A4 pages.

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Write about your hobbies

This is specially true if the activities outside of your work can apply to the position you are applying for. Don't fall into the trap of thinking this isn't relevant to an employee, it absolutely can be and it's an opportunity to discuss what you really enjoy doing. This is also an opportunity to write about what you enjoy studying.

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