Exams for JUNE 2022 can now be booked; please note the RHS now raises its fees every year in September, so there is a new rate for 2022 exam fees. Students are advised to book your first exam as soon as you enrol to be sure of a place. Exams can now be sat Online at a first come first serve basis.

Level 2 Principles of Garden Planning Establishment and Maintenance:

IMPORTANT NOTE: the RHS suite of level 2 and 3 qualifications is changing from September 2022. RHS course providers will be expected to offer these new format qualifications.

ADL can continue to offer enrolment for the current Level 2 or L3 Principles of Garden Planning Certificates online for study up to MARCH 2023

Information from the RHS indicates that they will not accept any new exam registrations from students not already studying a qualification after August 2022 because effectively it leaves you only 3 exam dates to complete. February /June 2023 AND February 2024.

All Students are encouraged to apply for their first Unit Exam as soon as they start.

February 2024 is to be the final date for all current format RHS qualifications.

There is no equivalent Level 2 qualification for the RHS Principles in Garden Planning Certificate in the new courses.

Level 2 Principles in Plant Growth, Propagation and Development:

This qualification is being replaced in September 2022 by a new RHS Theory Certificate in the Principles of Horticulture.

The new qualification will be part of a new Level 2 Certificate in the Principles and Practices of Horticulture but there will not be another theory certificate to make up a Diploma.

If you are looking to achieve the current RHS Level 2 Diploma in Horticulture then exams for RHS Certificate in Plant Growth will continue in June 2022, Feb & June 2023 and Final Date is February 2024.

Students will need to register in the RHS Portal for your Unit Exams before August 2022 for the RHS to accept your registration.

ADL will not be able to offer this Certificate to new students from 31st March 2022.

If you have already begun some of the units for this Certificate, you can continue to study these to complete your course but please do apply to start taking Unit Exam’s for June 2022.


The RHS are in the process of introducing new qualifications at level 3, for September 2023.


RHS Level 3 Certificate in Plant Growth, Health and Applied Propagation to be replaced with RHS Level 3 Certificate in Garden Designed Landscape Management.

Important Notice:
Going forward in September 2022 it will be necessary to complete either Level 2 Certificates before starting Level 3. If you have not completed a level 2 certificate you will not be able to enrol straight onto Level 3.

Details of the New Level 3 and the transition for students on the current Diploma are due to be released to course providers later this year after the decision to delay the NEW Level 3 Syllabus until September 2023.

Enrolling onto one of the current Certificates now may allow you to continue to complete the Diploma in its present format, but as each Certificate is at least 150 hours of study, we would advise prospective students to consider whether they can devote enough time to study to be ready to start taking examinations in June 2022 and be quick to book it.

Level 2 qualifications from the RHS will be the first step as an accepted route into the horticultural profession for National Trust and many other employers or changing to a career in horticulture.




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