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Inspiration at its Best


Inspiration at its Best!


Luis, Brazil 

Luis is such an inspiration to us all.  He is visually impaired but manages to cope with our
online distance learning course. He is currently halfway through his Neuropsychology course.
To help him cope with the reading Luis uses a programme called “Jaws”, which is a dedicated
screen reader.

Luis completes his assignments in a timely manner and completed the two ADL optional free courses in Academic Writing
and Critical Thinking.  Luis is a great role model because he does not let his disability prevent him from furthering his education.
Luis owes his love of study to his fathers influence. Since his childhood, Luis’s father has always played a pivotal role in
helping him understand the need to continually further his education and to accept challenges. 

Extract from an Interview in the Brazilian Newspaper  
"O Municipio" 22nd July, 2017, Sao Joao da Boa Vista

The local physiotherapist Luis Carlos Pistelli has just graduated in Neuropsychology from the ADL-Academy for
Distance Learning, based in London, England. (This is a writer’s mistake; ADL is based on Canterbury). Blind from
birth, Pistelli attended the distance course for 1 year, via internet, studying handouts in English, including
correspondence with his monitor and performing the tests in that language. He is the first Brazilian student -
and the only one so far - to be part of the student body of the school. APPROVED!

"As its name says, Neuropsychology is the junction of these two areas, as an interdisciplinary matter, which
seeks to realize associations between a person's psychological problems and neurological, bioneurological
and fisioneurological issues, proposingsolutions," Pistelli reports. At first, his choice was UniCamp, (Campinas
State University), but that university was not able to form a study group in this area wanted by Pistelli.
Searching for alternatives on the internet was the solution: "I found the ADL, I talked to them and there were
no impediments, since I have on the computer a program that 'speaks' the words on the screen."

There were 10 modules, each with a topic on Neuropsychology, studied separately and then bringing together
both disciplines. The point is that the questions sent by the ADL require well-grounded answers in English,
which results in several pages of theory that the student must know to answer correctly. "My average grade
n each module test was always 9.7," he says proudly. Pistelli maintains with him all the tests he has done
that have been evaluated by his English tutor, Professor Iona Lister, a psychologist and specialist in
Neuropsychology and Psychiatry in that country, with published books.

In addition to bearing the costs of the course, a difficulty that the native found throughout the year was
to find support literature. "I had to buy several books, many in English, to have where to study and to
continue; I also found many videos with content that helped me a lot, "he explains.

 Although picky with her students, tutor Iona Lister has always ranked Pistelli's results "far above" the
average student attendance. She even told me that there were sections of modules that I introduced
that she had never seen in 16 years of professional activity."

The final exam was held on July 2 last, with the presence of a adjudicator (a "judge") that proves the
suitability of the test. Here in São João, for student Luís Carlos Pistelli, the adjudicator was Priest
José Benedito David: the ADL sent the proof to the priest, who presented it to the student. Pistelli
had only 1h30 to respond to the test. Your note was also 9.7 - okay! Priest José Benedito was chosen
for this function because he is Secretary General of PUC of Campinas and after being appointed by
Pistelli himself. Having verified his qualifications by the Academy, he was approved as adjudicator
in the case of the Brazilian student.

FUTURE: The decision to participate in this course came at a time when Luis Carlos was still working
in the municipal school network with children with mental disabilities. "My interest is to find out why
there are these forms of deficiencies - physical, mental, sensory, multiple - and there must be
explanations for it, "he says.

Result: retired as Physiotherapist, as a consequence of the completion of the course of Neuropsychology,
Pistelli has received a proposal of work as a professor at a university that he still keeps in secrecy. Very
willing to accept the invitation, since it maintains in its curriculum 120 hours of course in General Psychology
and Psychology of the Disabled, coming from its course of Physiotherapy; Plus 60 hours of a Psychology
course done in 'Portal Educação', with 60 hours.

ADL was founded seven years ago by Daryl Tempest-Mogg. Accompanied by a consortium of teachers,
he saw an opportunity to provide quality distance learning courses "provided the tutors are highly qualified,
" says Daryl, as is the case of Iona Lister, tutor of Luís Carlos Pistelli.

The Academy for Distance Learning (ADL) maintains an educational philosophy focused more specifically
on learning and less on assessment. The main goal, according to his rectory, is to provide a solid foundation
in the studies, "giving the student the opportunity to find a way to continue learning and adapt to the constant
changes."Their courses are designed to be experience-based learning: "In this way, we are better able to
adjust to the changing potential of each student," they say.

ADL offers more than 500 courses, in the form of distance learning, online, so that the student can study
in the comfort of your home. Each course is supported by a tutor to guide you in your educational needs.
In addition to Neuropsychology (medical area), the interested person will find courses about
Engienering, Agriculture, Veterinary, Landscape, Economy, Administration, etc..

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Disclaimer: Every attempt is made to ensure all information from the academy is accurate and that the student has attained the competencies taught in a course, at the point of their assessment. Beyond this point, the graduate is responsible to maintain their acquired competencies, and apply acquired knowledge and skills in a way which is appropriate to the unique characteristics of each application. This will release the academy from any liability, action and claims of whatsoever nature in connection with, or arising from any such information, instruction or advice, given by any student or ex-student, whether directions given during the course are followed or not.