June Newsletter 1 2022: The two certainties in life, taxes and learning!

Bookeeping Skills are Essential to any Business!

Learn the accounting practices needed to understand the monetary wellbeing of your business. Improve your existing skills or simply use the course to improve your admin or accounting abilities.

Bookkeeping Foundations (Bookkeeping I) is an ideal course for anyone wanting to have a better understanding of the principles of bookkeeping or simply to expand their work bookkeeping experience.

This is a thorough foundation course leading to improving your bookkeeping skills and will  help you to:

  • Re-join the workplace
  • Help understand the financial health of your business
  • Improve your efficiency in managing or owning your own business.
  • Learn new bookkeeping skills that will help you in keeping up to date and expanding your current skills and knowledge.
  • Enhancing your capability in your work practices in administration, accounts departments or management.
  • Bettering your CV – shows evidence of further studies and demonstrates additional skills that you can bring to the work environment.

There are 13 lessons:

1. Introduction – Nature, Scope and Function of Bookkeeping

  • What is bookkeeping
  • Difference between accountants and bookkeepers
  • and more!

2.  The Balance Sheet

  • What is a balance sheet
  • Assets and liabilities
  • and more!

3.  Analysing and Designing Accounting Systems

  • What is an accounting system
  • Understanding the flow of information in bookkeeping
  • and more!

4.  The Double Entry Recording Process

  • Ledgers
  • Opening up the general ledger
  • and more!

5.  The Cash Receipts and Cash Payments Journal

  • Recording cash transactions in journals
  • Multi column receipts journal
  • and more!

6.  The Credit Fees and Purchases Journal

  • Credit sales and credit purchases
  • Credit sales journal
  • and more!

7.  The General Journal

  • Recording non standard transactions
  • Designing the general journal
  • and more!

8.  Closing the Ledger

  • Closing at the end of the accounting period
  • Preparing for the new accounting period
  • and more!

9.  The Profit and Loss Statement

  • Introduction
  • The balance sheet and how it relates to Profit and Loss Statement
  • and more!

10.  Depreciation on Non-current Assets

  • Intangible assets
  • Depreciation methods
  • and more!

11.  Profit Determination and Balance Day Adjustments

  • Cash and accrual accounting
  • Cash accounting
  • and more!

12.  Cash Control: Bank Reconciliation and Petty Cash

  • Ways of handling money
  • Outgoing monies (payments)
  • and more!

13.  Cash Control: Budgeting

  • Introduction
  • Budget types
  • and more!

How to get your Poetry to Speak to People

Poetry is a beautiful art form. Unfortunately, despite being poignant and deeply personal, we sometimes still imagine something akin to “An ode to a small lump of green putty I found under my armpit one midsummer’s morning”. But the good news is that poetry is still alive and vibrant today! You might even be able to write something beautiful, and here’s how to start and improve.

  1. Read Poetry

No, you don’t have to spend hours pouring over Blake, Keats or Shelly to be a poet. Instead, read what interests you. If you’re keen to learn about confessional poetry, how about Sylvia Plath? Or perhaps you might enjoy the dark introspection of Philip Larkin. Reading others’ work will provide you with inspiration and ideas for use in your writing. As an artist, you should never be afraid to borrow insight from what came before you (as long as you’re not just copying their work, of course). Don’t be scared to stand on the shoulders of giants and see further than the past’s great poets.

  1. Write Poetry

This one may sound obvious, but it is worth putting down on paper. To get better at writing poetry, you will need to write poetry. Your first one may be terrible, and the next slightly less so. But, eventually, you will be making work that you are proud to show off. It’s the same with any skill, practice, practice, practice!

  1. Share your work with others

Go to an open mic night, find other poets and share your writing with them. Make use of internet communities and poetry forums to talk about your craft. Even if you’re relatively inexperienced, you’ll find that artists are always keen to learn from one another and make the best art that they can. Because of the expertise and freshness in these communities, they are also a great place to get recommendations for new poetry to expand your reading.

  1. Experiment

Perhaps you’ve seen someone experimenting with different fonts?

Or setting

Their work

Out in
a strange way

on the page?

But take some risks and see how they speak to you and your audience. With modern printing/ word processing, the possibilities of what you can achieve are endless. So let your imagination run wild!

  1. Take the plunge!

Taking a course in poetry will force you to leave your comfort zone and grow as a writer and an artist. By immersing yourself in literature and a learning community, you’ll be able to make some breakthroughs and make connections that will help you become improve. Our Poetry Course is a perfect way to do this because it is very flexible and completely online, meaning that it can be done at a pace and time that suits you. We also provide you with a personal tutor to help you get the most from your learning experience.

Happy writing!

Three TED Talks to Help You on Your Learning Journey

Here at ADL, we pride ourselves on supporting life-long learning in all of its forms. Technology, Entertainment, and Design (TED) educational talks are a brilliant supplement to whatever you are currently learning because they can help us take apart some of the issues that we all face as learners and more generally in life. So, without further a due here are three talks that I found very helpful to my learning and improvement recently.

The art of being yourself | Caroline McHugh | TEDxMiltonKeynesWomen

An open green space with a women with her arms outstretched, it looks idyllic

This stunning and inspirational Ted talk doesn’t seem to have much in common with your learning goals at first appearance. However, working out where your strengths lie and what you want to be doing will improve your motivation and work ethic dramatically.

Caroline is a fantastic speaker and can get to the heart of some of the biggest problems that we face recognising ourself and the different parts of us that make us who we are. A must watch!

How to gain control of your free time | Laura Vanderkam

A pocket watch with it's skeleton showing, you can see all of the small parts moving around

Laura’s refreshing take on time management is a welcome break from many of the other articles that I have read on the subject. She accommodates for the genuine problems that we face and gives us a kick in the right direction. I would highly recommend this to anyone who has ambitions or goals that they are currently not pursuing as much as they would like.

How to Get Your Brain to Focus | Chris Bailey | TEDxManchester

A phone in someone's hand we can't see what they're looking at

We’ve all been here before, haven’t we? Just trying to sit down and work on our project or even our job and we’ve been unable actually to get into gear and make something happen. Chris Bailey does a great job of unpacking why you might be facing some of these problems, and you’ll be glad to hear that the fundamental answer is less is more. I’ll leave the rest for the video to speak for itself, but I’d especially recommend it to anyone who spends a considerable amount of time on social media.

A microphone looms over a desk, who will speak into it?

There’s a TED talk for most topics and ideas, so the world is your oyster when it comes to looking for well written educational discussions. Do you have any thoughts or favourites? Let us know in the comments!




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King Charles and the Grey Goo

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