Knitting and Stitching for Self Care

Knitting and Stitching for Self Care

basket of different coloured wools on grass

In former times, knitting and sewing could be associated with being frugal and making items of clothing cheaply. While this is undoubtedly true, over recent years, knitting and stitching have become cool – with celebrities picking up their needles and singing the praises of their new pastime.


So – why do they do it? It seems that there are many reasons to stitch, and that the benefits of knitting and sewing are now better known.


Many of us have habits that we’d like to shed. Nibbling biscuits or chocolate, nail-biting, smoking cigarettes, tippling wine. Do any of us lead perfect lives? Probably not, but stitching and knitting can help to reduce the bad habits that we think we may never break.

The Benefits

stitching and embroidery


Here are just some of the benefits. Knitting and sewing can:


  • Provide a productive and interesting way of filling the time previously taken up by a bad habit such as overeating or drinking
  • Produce items in a short space of time that are beautiful, useful and something to be proud of
  • Support mindful meditation: the repetitive movement of the hands and the concentration on what is happening as you go can bring a sense of peace and calm
  • Occupy the mind and the hands. If you worry about problems, stitching can remove you from a cycle of worry and guilt and prevent boredom
  • Help both body and mind relax
  • Help us manage insomnia, anger or frustration. Issues that you may usually create unhappiness just drift away, allowing you the space to focus on the here and now – the sanctuary of a quiet mind away from negative thoughts
  • Distract from unpleasant, repetitive and intrusive thoughts, including those of lack of confidence
  • Encourage calm behaviour when cravings for our bad habits kick in, helping with anxiety and panic – encouraging positive thought cycles and improved mood
  • Provide an alternative purpose and agenda for each day, enabling you to regain feelings of control over life
  • Can help to save money – if you are trying to kick a harmful habit such as smoking, you will save on the amount used in cigarettes
  • Reinforce neglected skills such as planning and goal-setting – looking forward to future gains
  • Promotes self control and discipline
  • Brings the satisfaction of creativity through the use of colour and texture
  • Brings back forgotten emotions such as excitement, anticipation, fun and enjoyment


So, grab those needles and get going! What do you like to do to relax for self care? Let us know in the comments below!




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